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What is the Rent Matters Podcast?

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People are faced with dozens of questions before, during, and after finding a rental home. Rent Matters provides people with real life advice from real life renters.

Beware of Rental Scams – Here Are Some of the Most Common Ones

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Looking for a decent rental is often a tiring and challenging process on its own. From the struggles of finding something close to your dream property to scouring numerous rental listings in your preferred area, there’s so much work involved in the apartment-hunting journey. The last thing you want is to find yourself caught up […]

Best College Communities in Boston, MA

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Known as a global center for higher education, Boston, Massachusetts, is home to more than 118 colleges and universities in total. It also ranks as one of the top academic cities in the world, mainly owing to its great and inspiring academic heritage.  Apart from that, Boston is also a very student-friendly city that pairs […]

Best College Communities in Los Angeles, CA

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The process of choosing the right college or university comes with many important decisions that you must take after thorough research and homework. You naturally want to get into a reputable college or university, study from the best teachers and professors, end up with great working opportunities, find an ideal job, and whatnot. Many students […]

7 Things to Love about San Juan

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San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital as well as the largest city. It sits on the island’s Atlantic coast and has the widest beachfront on the strip.  This city is famous for its colorful Spanish cobblestone buildings, rich fortresses, and mesmerizing views of the ocean. Below are 7 reasons why you should move to San […]

7 Things to Love About Minneapolis – St. Paul

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Separated by the Mississippi River, Minneapolis–St. Paul are the beautiful Twin Cities in Minnesota, United States, each with its own unique story and history to share. These two cities started off as separate towns initially near the mighty Mississippi River. Minneapolis was perched on the west bank of the river while St. Paul slowly started […]

7 Things to Love About NYC – Staten Island

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Staten Island has long held the reputation of being ‘the forgotten borough’ in New York City and is an area that often tends to go unnoticed, as compared to the other popular boroughs in the city. Perhaps, it’s because of the fact that it is the only borough in NYC that is connected to the […]

7 Things to Love about St. Louis

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Saint Louis, Missouri, is one place that can never bore you. With a new attraction or restaurant available to host you every weekend of your life, you will fall in love with its intricacies, culture, food scene, affordability, and people. Here are all the things we love about St. Louis: 1. Cultural Attractions At St. […]

7 Things to Love About NYC – Queens

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Living in New York is the dream for many people. It is, after all, America’s true melting pot and features a blend of different cultures, people, and ethnic groups. It is also the city that never sleeps, which is why you’ll find so many people making the move to New York City. Moving to this […]