The process of choosing the right college or university comes with many important decisions that you must take after thorough research and homework. You naturally want to get into a reputable college or university, study from the best teachers and professors, end up with great working opportunities, find an ideal job, and whatnot.

Many students here in the US tend to look for student-friendly college communities that also offer reasonable rentals and apartments, other than quality education and experience. The main reason is they want to be near the university and maintain their independence at the same time. This particularly applies to all those who choose a college or a university in another city of the country. 

Los Angeles is a wonderful option here for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Being the largest city in the State of California, it has a variety of options to offer to you. It is easily among the best student-friendly cities, and if you happen to be looking for reasonable living options, you will find quite a few. 

Los Angeles – Home to 230 Colleges and Universities  

Within Los Angeles, there are as many as 230 colleges and universities that are scattered all across the city. From the University of Southern California to the California Institute of Technology, you will find many options, each with its unique offerings.

To top it all off, Los Angeles is also home to great weather, fantastic nightlife, and eclectic neighborhoods, all of which will add to your overall college-university experience!

Student-Renter Friendly College Communities in Los Angeles 

Whether you are a sophomore or a senior-level student, we’ve listed some of the best renter-friendly and student-friendly college communities in Los Angeles that you can consider applying in.

1. University Park 

This is a popular neighborhood in south Los Angeles area that is home to one of the top schools in the city known as University of Southern California.

It is also a highly-rated and one of the oldest private universities in LA with an enrollment of 19,194 undergraduate students.

University Park is easily one of LA’s most diverse neighborhoods and also a wonderful option for students looking for reasonable rentals and apartments.

There are many other neighborhoods near USC as well in case you want to explore further and beyond the University Park region.

2. Koreatown 

Also referred to as K-town, this neighborhood is best known for reasonably priced rentals and homes, vibrant nightlife, and a growing number of facilities.

Driving from Koreatown to the University of Southern California would take you about 20 minutes on an average day in traffic.

Apart from being renter-friendly, Koreatown is best for its all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue as well as the overall accessibility of the area.

Koreatown LA

3. Huntington Park

This is another great neighborhood that is about six miles south of USC. It is often called a ‘melting pot of residents’ and is best known for its affordable living options, lush parks, comfort levels and peace.

Driving from Huntington Park to the university would take you approximately 25 minutes, and you can also take the Metro local bus route to get to campus.

4. Westwood 

Westwood is said to be one of the best places to live in LA, California and is an excellent commercial and residential neighborhood in the city.

The famous UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) is situated here, a public research university that offers hundreds of degree programs in a variety of different disciplines.

The university offers excellent housing plans to students, both undergraduate and graduate. Undergraduate students can choose to live in university apartments, suites and plazas, each of which varies in terms of privacy and pricing. On the other hand, graduate students are given options of five apartment complexes.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors can easily find rooms to rent in Westwood, particularly in the apartments that are located on Hilgard Avenue.

If you wish to explore beyond Westwood and look at off-site campus living options, you can consider the following student-renter friendly neighborhoods.

UCLA california university

5. Brentwood

Best known as a quiet, upscale region, Brentwood is located in the Westside of Los Angeles and is approximately 2 miles west of the university campus.

You will find many apartments in this student-friendly community that you can rent and share with other students. This is more of an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles and is perhaps ideal for those students that are looking to share rooms or apartments with other university-goers and split the rental.

You can easily bike from Brentwood to campus, take the Metro line or the Big Blue Bus.

6. West Los Angeles

This neighborhood extends south of Westwood and is located at a great distance from the campus so you can either bike your way through or go walking.

Students will find many rentals towards the east side of the 405 Freeway; however, the West side is more popular among university students because it’s less expensive than Westwood. You will also find a number of small apartments here with affordable rentals.

The best part about West Los Angeles is that it provides quite a decent bus access to the campus.

7. Key Takeaway

A great feature of many colleges and universities in Los Angeles, California is that many of them offer incredible on-campus living options for both undergraduate and graduate students.

But if you prefer living off-campus and enjoy your own freedom, you will find many student-friendly college communities within close parameters of your chosen college or university.

The key to finding a good place to rent and live in is to do thorough research. From online research to asking other students for recommendations, you need to have a few options from which you can choose the best rentals or apartment to live in Los Angeles.

The closer it is to campus, the more convenient it will be for you. 

At the end of the day, as a student, you want to spend as less as possible on rent and transport, save money and get access to quality education, all at the same time!

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