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7 Things to Love About Minneapolis – St. Paul

Separated by the Mississippi River, Minneapolis–St. Paul are the beautiful Twin Cities in Minnesota, United States, each with its own unique story and history to share.

These two cities started off as separate towns initially near the mighty Mississippi River. Minneapolis was perched on the west bank of the river while St. Paul slowly started springing towards the opposite embankment.

Today, both these cities are often put together as a single metro area, as they offer quite a unique balance between hip and historical.

The Twin Cities together have so much to offer from bright lights and vibrant streets to a spectacular beer scene and those rich cheeseburgers that melt in the mouth.

There are many things that make Minneapolis-St. Paul a wonderful place to live in. So if you are considering moving to a new city, here are a few reasons why you should consider the Twin Cities.

1. The Beautiful Winters 

Among many other things, Minnesota is particularly known for its harsh winter season, where the cold weather sometimes tends to extend even till May! This state experiences some of the most brutal winter months; however, the beauty of the cold weather is that it opens the doors to so many amazing opportunities and activities. If you wish to curl up in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace and sip hot cocoa, that’s a great way to enjoy the cold, but if you’d rather head out and have an adventurous experience, there are so many options at your disposal!

There are so many ski hills in this metro area that offer tubing, a fun-filled activity where you get to ride in a large inflated inner tube along the soft, white snow. You can slide down huge hills in the tube, and if you go with a group of friends or family, you all can tie your tubes together and have such an amazing, fun-filled time!

2. The City of Lakes

One of the greatest things about the Twin Cities is that it is home to a rich lake culture, the beauty of which will leave you in great awe! These lakes offer so many incredible things to do that will make you want to head outdoors and have great fun.

Lake Harriet and Lake Bde Maka Ska are two of their popular lakes that are perfect for a number of water-based adventures and recreational activities. You can even just walk along the lakes, ride your bike or play some games with friends or family. There is a plethora of lakeside activities and areas that you can indulge in, such as the fishing pier, beach, drinking fountain, garden, decorative fountain, and so many others.

3. Transformative Theatre Experiences 

If you are fond of the arts and theatres, the Twin Cities certainly won’t disappoint you. The theatre scene in Minneapolis-St. Paul is simply spectacular, owing most of its popularity to Guthrie Theater. This theatre is considered to be one of the best spaces for the arts in the entire world!

It is known for its contemporary plays and classic works that aim to provide its visitor with unique transformative experiences. 

The performances that are done at this theatre tend to open the minds, kindle the imagination and simply move the hearts of the audience!

4. Delicious Cocktails to Soothe the Taste Buds 

There is no shortage of bars, cafes, and restaurants in the Twin Cities, but more than the exciting beer scene, it is known for its delicious cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds like never before!

Bardo is one of its most popular American Restaurants whose cocktail area has long been the talk of the town due to its appealing bar, marble tables, and booths that have been designed in stripes.

The drinks at this restaurant are described as a mixture of tropical and classic and are served in beautiful glassware that really adds to the whole cocktail experience. There are many other cocktail places serving such rich, delectable cocktail drinks that will make you want to have one every single day!

minneapolis cocktail

5. The Famous Jucy Lucy Burgers

Are you a burger fan? Do you ever dream about biting into a big, delicious juicy burger that oozes with melted cheese? If yes, the famous Jucy Lucy burgers in Minneapolis are the ultimate REAL treat for you!

These are more than your average cheeseburgers; they come with a pocket of molten hot cheese places right in the center of the burger. The cheese literally sears the face, so while you dig into the burger, make sure to watch your mouth!

Over the years, so many restaurants have come up with their own unique take on these burgers, but if you are looking for the most original melt-in-your-mouth Jucy Lucy Burger, Matt’s Bar is the place to be. It makes the best version of the burger, and you will definitely keep going back for more!

jucy lucy burger minneapolis

6. Shop Till You Drop

If you are a true shopaholic, you will find the Twin Cities right up your alley because it is home to the gigantic Mall of America that first opened its doors in 1992. The mall literally beckons you to ‘shop till you drop’ with more than 500 stores that are all found under a single roof. 

It even hosts hundreds of events in a year, including fashion shows, concerts, and celebrity appearances, so once you are done with the day’s event, you can shop to your heart’s content and explore the plethora of brands found in the mall.

7. Walkable Neighborhoods Make It Even Better 

When you move to a new city, the thought of arranging a car and driving around town probably doesn’t sound so exciting. However, when it comes to the Twin Cities, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Minneapolis-St. Paul is known for having some of the best walkable neighborhoods! They are located at easy walking distances and also have numerous amenities and facilities very close to them such as cafes, gyms, restaurants, playgrounds and so much more!

The best part is that you can go out anytime you want and walk around, explore the city and catch some picturesque areas along the way!

Look for a Home in the Twin Cities 

Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area certainly doesn’t fall short of anything, be it the culinary scene, arts, and theatre, history and culture, or even sports.

If you think the Twin Cities are worth exploring further, it’s best to look for a home in this wonderful region!

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