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So You’ve Been Evicted, Here’s How To Rent Again

Finding a new apartment can be a challenging experience, especially if you have an eviction record on your rental history. Evictions can be a very scary situation for a renter and can impact future rental experiences.  Evictions came to the forefront of the public conversation as the COVID-19 pandemic rattled our economic systems. However, eviction […]

Win at Renting by Being First

When it comes to getting the rental you want, there’s one rule that’s just more important than all the others.   You MUST be first. First to inquire.  First to apply.  First to put down a deposit when the application is approved. What are the odds of being one of the first to get an apartment? […]

What to Look for in single-family Home Rentals as a Tenant

As of 2022, home sales are the highest they’ve been in 15 years, inventory is low, homes come off the market fast, and mortgage interest rates are rising. Because of this, many families are skipping the bidding wars and avoiding inflated house prices by seeking homes to rent instead. For many families in the United […]

How to Terminate Your Lease Early

two women at desk signing papers

A lease is a legal contract between a landlord and tenant whereby a landlord permits the tenant to occupy their property for a specific period. After the contract period ends, the tenant may or may not renew it. However, there could be situations where you, as the tenant, might have to terminate your lease earlier. […]

9 Good Dog Breeds for Renting an Apartment

woman looking at laptop sitting by two dogs

Living in an apartment comes with its own set of rules. Many apartment complexes have a strict no-pet or no-dog policy, which can be a huge bummer! But even if you manage to find a place that allows you to keep a dog, the breed of the dog can be the main deciding factor in […]

Renting Advice for College Students

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College life can be pretty demanding. From signing up for the right courses and attending classes to working part-time and maintaining a decent GPA, a college student has a lot on their plate. Add apartment hunting to the mix, and you might find yourself on the verge of a meltdown, because finding a decent accommodation […]

Perks of Renting a Townhome

colorful townhomes with flowers

If you’re in the market for a rental home, you may be wondering what’s the best option for you and housemates. You might be deciding between a townhome, a detached home, or even an apartment. This article explains what town houses are, as well as their pros and cons so that you can make the […]

How Do I Calculate My Price Range For A Rental Home?

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When searching for a home to rent, you are likely to begin your search by focusing on a particular area or on certain features you want. But what should be your price range for a rental home? The rule of thumb is that your monthly rent (other than utilities) should not be more than 30% […]

Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental

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One of the biggest challenges of living in a rental is that people have a hard time making it feel like home. Since you don’t own the space, when it comes to decorating and customizing you have limited options. Most rental leases don’t allow tenants to make significant changes or alterations, such as drilling holes […]

The Case for Renting

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Or…Why Renting is the Better Choice For Most People Culture runs broad and deep in this amazing country.  It runs through our music, our food, our dancing, in accents, in regional and national treasures.  American culture has long been a powerful export, spreading across the whole world – which now eats our hamburgers, drives our […]