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Best College Communities in Boston, MA

Known as a global center for higher education, Boston, Massachusetts, is home to more than 118 colleges and universities in total. It also ranks as one of the top academic cities in the world, mainly owing to its great and inspiring academic heritage. 

Apart from that, Boston is also a very student-friendly city that pairs well with its academic appeal. Since it’s a small-scale city in terms of size, college and university students find it very easy to navigate throughout, from being on foot to taking advantage of the city’s transportation network.

You will find many student-friendly college communities in this city with great facilities for all students, including sophomores, juniors, and seniors. If you happen to be looking for affordable rentals and apartments, you will easily find a few options in multiple renter-friendly communities. 

This particularly applies to those who are coming to Boston for education from other cities and states of the U.S.

Boston, Massachusetts – Education At Its Best

Home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities, including MIT and Harvard, there’s no denying the fact that Boston is the heart of the country’s education system. Schools in Boston offer top-notch and quality education, and you will easily find one that best matches your interests and preferences.

Apart from solid education, the city also has so much to offer in terms of comfortable living, especially for students. From reasonable rentals to greater access to amenities, you will find it all here.

We’ve rounded some of the best student-friendly and renter-friendly college communities in Boston, Massachusetts, that you can consider as you shortlist your college or university options.

1. Huntington Avenue 

This is a secondary thoroughfare in Boston that begins at Copley Square and runs through various neighborhoods.

Huntington Avenue is one key area to consider because it is home to one of Boston’s top-ranked universities called Northeastern University which offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

The university does offer on-campus housing to first, second, and third-year students, but if you wish to opt for off-campus living, you will find great options for rentals and apartments in many surrounding neighborhoods.

2. Back Bay 

This is an officially recognized and one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boston. While it enjoys a greater reputation for being an excellent dining and shopping destination, once you explore it, you will find it to be a great place for living as well.

Back Bay is one of the many student-friendly communities of the city where many students from Northeastern University and other schools come to live. The neighborhood mainly comprises of students and professionals, and in terms of commuting to campus, it’s 10 minutes away from a train ride and 15-20 minutes if you walk.

It offers a mixture of high and low rentals so you can also get a place that you can share with other students in order to split the rent accordingly.

3. Fenway 

Brimming with bars, parks, coffee shops, and restaurants, Fenway is quite a happening, lively neighborhood in the city. It has been touted as one of the best places to live in Boston, where many students from Northeastern University and Berklee University rent apartments.

Fenway offers a variety of student apartments and private condos for university and college students with varying rents and prices. 

The best part about this neighborhood is that it is truly student-friendly and is the closest to Northeastern University. This is a great advantage for all those students who do end up studying at NU.

fenway boston massachusetts

4. Fenway-Kenmore

This is a great neighborhood for young people, especially students going to colleges and universities as well as professionals. It’s a buzzing neighborhood with a variety of restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, and coffee shops, to name a few.

The famous Boston University is located in this area with excellent on-campus housing opportunities for all undergraduate students. This makes living very easy without having to go through the hassle of off-campus apartments and rentals.

But if you’d rather live outside the university residence, there are plenty of living options in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood.

If you wish to explore further, you can consider the following options too:

5. Allston/ Brighton 

This is a popular choice for off-campus living among students at Boston University and other surrounding colleges.

Allston and Brighton are two separate communities, but the area collectively is referred to as Allston/Brighton. It is known for inexpensive housing and thrilling nightlife.

This neighborhood has a high student turnover, making it one of the top renter-friendly college communities for students.

6. Brookline 

This is another neighborhood that attracts many undergraduates, particularly those who prefer living somewhere quiet and peaceful.

Brookline is a sprawling residential community brimming with eateries, cafes, bookstores, agencies, etc. Rentals and apartments are quite affordable here, which is why you will find many students and working professionals here.

Find a Nice Place to Rent In Boston, Massachusetts 

There are numerous student-friendly college communities in Boston, so be sure to find one that’s close to your school. You shouldn’t have any problems in that regard given the small size of the city. Luckily, Boston also has great public transportation.

One of the simplest ways to look for rentals and apartments is online searching so that you have numerous options to consider and can look at them in person later. 

You will find some apartment listings online that cater to college and university students, making them top student-friendly college communities.

Ultimately, the goal for students is to find a place with access to basic amenities and affordable rent.

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