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Best College Communities in NYC

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Choosing an educational institute isn’t just about going for the best or the most renowned college or university; it’s also about where it’s located because location plays a huge role during your college or university experience. There are many cities in the country that proudly boast the reputation of being the ‘best college cities,’ but […]

Moving Companies in NYC

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Moving can be a real headache. Not only do you have to pack up all your belongings and deep clean your home, but you also need to find a reliable moving company to help you get your things from point A to point B. Chances are you’re looking for more than a sizable moving truck […]

7 Things to Love About NYC – Staten Island

Staten Island from the water

Staten Island has long held the reputation of being ‘the forgotten borough’ in New York City and is an area that often tends to go unnoticed, as compared to the other popular boroughs in the city. Perhaps, it’s because of the fact that it is the only borough in NYC that is connected to the […]

7 Things to Love About NYC – Queens

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Living in New York is the dream for many people. It is, after all, America’s true melting pot and features a blend of different cultures, people, and ethnic groups. It is also the city that never sleeps, which is why you’ll find so many people making the move to New York City. Moving to this […]

7 Things to Love About The Bronx, NYC

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With a rich history and an equally rich diversity, The Bronx in New York City gives you the ultimate opportunity to explore the unwavering pride of this gorgeous city and immerse yourself in it completely. When you do so, you’ll discover way more than 7 things to love about The Bronx. This northernmost borough in […]

7 Things to Love About Brooklyn, NY

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Regina, a renter who lives in Brooklyn, NY, is passionate about her city!  We spoke to her recently and she shared her top seven favorite things about living there. 1. Prospect Park Meadow Brooklyn is a massive city with over two and a half million people living in a dense urban environment, so it’s no […]