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view of Manhattan bridge during sunset

7 Things to Love About Brooklyn, NY

Regina, a renter who lives in Brooklyn, NY, is passionate about her city!  We spoke to her recently and she shared her top seven favorite things about living there.

1. Prospect Park Meadow

Brooklyn is a massive city with over two and a half million people living in a dense urban environment, so it’s no surprise that the first thing on Regina’s mind was Prospect Park.  

Spanning an enormous 526 acres, Prospect Park is accessible from neighborhoods Park Slope (where Regina lives), Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Windsor Terrace and more.  It has a wonderful zoo, a beautiful lake, a bandshell with regular concerts and the Brooklyn Museum is located there.

But for Regina, the Meadow is the best part.  As a dog parent, it’s an amazing place to go, relax, play with her dog and get time outside – right in the middle of the big city.

Prospect Park

2. Restaurants

Over and over again in our conversation, we kept coming back to the restaurants.  Regina’s descriptions of amazing seafood, wonderful pizza, ritzy rooftop bars, comfortable coffee shops, and terrific tapas had us wanting to get on a plane to go check it out.  So many great restaurants across seemingly every neighborhood in Brooklyn. When does the flight leave?

3. Strolling in Boerum Hill

When it comes to a Saturday afternoon stroll, Court Street and Smith Street in Boerum Hill are Regina’s favorites.  Both feature amazing streetscapes with charming independent shops, wonderful restaurants, and some of her favorite bakeries and coffee shops.  Many of these are single location places that can only be found in one place – Brooklyn!

4. Views from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Want some amazing views of lower Manhattan, walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan and get some wonderful food and shopping?  Look no further than the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  

Set on the East River, near Downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge Park spans 85 acres of waterfront. This beauty includes a stunning promenade along the water, a roller rink and, in Regina’s words, tons of stores and restaurants that cater to tourists crossing the Bridge.  

Brooklyn Bridge Park

5. Dekalb Market

The biggest food hall in New York City, Dekalb Market has more than 40 food vendors, the Alamo Draft House (Best place to see a movie in NY, according to Regina), a ton of unique NY shopping experiences, a speakeasy inspired cocktail bar and a stage with amazing events.  When it’s raining or snowing, the Dekalb market shines the brightest to Regina – truly a food and entertainment heaven!

Dekalb Market

6. Weekend Trips to the Catskills and Poconos

Want to fully embrace the Dirty Dancing life?  Can’t credit Regina with that reference – that’s the Dwellsy team, but she does love heading to the Catskills for a weekend away.  With romantic resorts and amazing natural beauty, it’s hard to believe you’re just two and a half hours away from Brooklyn while you’re there.  

Prefer Pennsylvania?  The Poconos are also about the same distance and bring a similar but different charm.  Described as “softer” than the more rugged Catskills, the Poconos are also within easy weekend driving distance from Brooklyn and for Regina, make yet another wonderful escape when she feels the need to get out of the city.  

7. Rooftop bars in Williamsburg

We saved the best for last!  Regina spun an enchanting narrative about relaxing on rooftop bars in Williamsburg (Greenpoint too!), where she could enjoy wonderful beverages, delicious food, and one of the most amazing views of New York City available.  On a sunny day, it sounds like about the best thing we can imagine.

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If you’re interested in finding the perfect rental but aren’t sure Brooklyn is the place for you, check out the Bronx and our other local guides here. The right home for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it.

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