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7 Things to Love About The Bronx, NYC

With a rich history and an equally rich diversity, The Bronx in New York City gives you the ultimate opportunity to explore the unwavering pride of this gorgeous city and immerse yourself in it completely. When you do so, you’ll discover way more than 7 things to love about The Bronx.

This northernmost borough in NYC ended up being called ‘The Bronx’ mainly due to its proximity to the Bronx River. Interestingly, it is also the only borough in New York City with ‘the’ in its name, which speaks volumes about its early development.

The Bronx is ever famous for being the home of the Yankees, for giving birth to hip-hop music, being a hub of culture, and so many other amazing things.

It’s a wonderful place to move to, in case you are planning to switch cities and have a desire to live in beautiful New York.

Let’s jump into the 7 things to love about The Bronx and the factors that might tempt you into relocating right away!

1. A Diverse Population

One of the first things that should be mentioned about The Bronx is that it is home to as many as 1.47 million people, which is quite surprising given that it’s forty-two-and-half square miles.

This shows that it is home to quite a diverse population where you are likely to meet all sorts of people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. What’s more interesting here is that it is also considered to be one of the most diverse areas in the whole of the country!

Every neighborhood, area, restaurant, and café in The Bronx has a unique story to tell, and each of them boasts a unique story which, in the end, is a representation of the entire nation after all!

2. The Home of Culture

Thanks to its diverse population, The Bronx is literally like the home of culture, considering how it is filled with different people, going about their daily lives in their own little worlds.

The variety of culture in The Bronx is just immense, and on any given day, you are likely to run into people of all races and backgrounds!

The best part about this great variation and the diverse cultures is that each has a story to tell, and every single day you get to learn something new. You can call it a ‘borough of culture,’ where people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures flock over to The Bronx and happily taking in all that it has to offer because they also find many things to love about The Bronx.

3. A Wide Range of Neighborhoods

Of the most crucial aspects of moving to a new city is surely none other than choosing a safe, decent neighborhood that not only has access to a majority of the necessary amenities and services but is also alive in the night!

Whether you wish to get an apartment or go for rentals, choosing the right area is of absolute importance

Luckily, The Bronx comprises of almost 50 different and varied neighborhoods, the most popular of which are Riverdale, Concourse, Mott Haven, and Fordham, to name a few. Each has unique things to offer to you; for instance, Riverdale has large, attractive mansions and is a highly sought-after area by most city residents, whereas Mott Haven offers affordable rentals with beautiful riverside views.

4. A Place for True Food Lovers

If you are one of those people who get excited at the prospect of indulging in different kinds of food and exploring the culinary world to the best of your abilities, The Bronx certainly won’t disappoint you.

The Bronx is the best place for true food lovers and enthusiasts, especially those who find it absolutely thrilling to experience the diversity in food and get a taste of different cuisines.

Some of the most popular eateries and dining spots in The Bronx include La Masa, Havana Café, La Morada, and so many others! Each place offers unique, diverse menus, and chances are that by the end of it, your taste buds will be craving for more!


5. It Has Its Own Beach!

Of the five boroughs of New York City, The Bronx is the only one that falls on the mainland; however, despite its location, it has its own beach! That alone is one very important thing to love about The Bronx.

Orchard Beach in the Bronx is the ideal escape for you in the middle of the day when you just want to relax on the warm, sun-kissed sand and bathe under the sun as the gushing water gently touches your feet every few seconds.

It is the only beach in the area and also the most popular hotspot for most of the Bronxites who go there to play sports, have fun in the water, tan their bodies, and just enjoy beautiful moments amid nature. 

The best part about the Bronx having its own beach is that you will never feel the need to leave and travel for hours to bask under the sun!

6. Affordable Cost of Living 

One reason why The Bronx has gained so much popularity in the New York City and has attracted so many prospective residents is its low cost of living as compared to the other boroughs and cities in the country.

When you talk about NYC as a whole, The Bronx offers many affordable housing options, leading to greater real estate affordability.

This area in NYC has a diverse mix of housing options to offer to you, coupled with low prices and rents, a lot of green space, and very decent neighborhoods and communities. So, if you compare The Bronx with Brooklyn or Manhattan, for instance, you will find it to be much more reasonable than the latter options.

7. Escape the City Life

Are you fond of green spaces, wandering in parks and gardens, and just escaping the daily hustle-bustle of life to seek shelter in greenery and nature?

If yes, The Bronx Botanical Gardens help you do just that where you can escape the madness and explore the gorgeous splash of colors provided by these majestic gardens. 28 specialty gardens are waiting for you in The Bronx Botanical Gardens, where you can wander around as much as you want and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

There you have it, seven things to love about The Bronx. Fancy Moving to The Bronx?

In case this incredible borough of New York City has managed to convince you to move, it’s time to look for a new home in the Bronx. If you’re interested in other NYC boroughs, take a look at our articles about Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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