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What is a Credit Score and Where Can I See Mine?

Having a good credit score is an important part of having a standout rental application, so we talk about credit often at Dwellsy. We’ve discussed how to rent with no credit history, how to build credit, and how to apply for a credit card. Today, we’re going to explain how you can check your credit […]

How to Save Money on Utilities During Winter?

house covered in snow

As the winter season arrives, many people are concerned about having more expenses. From shopping for gifts to holiday dinners, the winter season can take a toll on your budget. But the cold weather also brings another reason to worry about your money, and that’s the spike in utility costs.  As the temperatures drop down, […]

How To Avoid Fraudulent Rental Listings

apartment complex with palms outside

Renting a home can be excruciatingly stressful. Going through hundreds of listings, contacting landlords, haggling for lower rent, and working out the utility expenses are all a lot of aspects to sketch out. Sadly that’s not all! Another distressing dimension of renting an estate is the risk of falling into the trap of fraudulent listings.  […]

Renting Advice for College Students

man standing holding a graduation cap

College life can be pretty demanding. From signing up for the right courses and attending classes to working part-time and maintaining a decent GPA, a college student has a lot on their plate. Add apartment hunting to the mix, and you might find yourself on the verge of a meltdown, because finding a decent accommodation […]

How To Apply For A Credit Card

hand holding credit card

Filling a credit card application form is rather simple. You need to enter your personal details, and you’re done. However, successfully meeting the credit card company’s financial requirements to avail of the best offers is tricky. A credit card is much like a sharp knife: it can serve as a useful tool or a dangerous […]

How To Build Credit From Square One

hand holding debit card

Building credit may sound challenging, but it is not that difficult once you know how to begin. Having a good credit score is important for making several major financial decisions, such as securing a rental home. If you are starting from square one, the first step is to establish a credit history. A good credit […]

How Do I Manage My Savings Account?

clock next to stack of coins

For most individuals, the idea of setting up and managing a savings account begins in their early childhood. Most parents encourage their kids to set aside some money for their savings while spending the rest on whatever they like. But as these children grow up, managing a savings account becomes increasingly difficult as they have […]

Budgeting Advice For First-Time Renters

white modern style living room

Before deciding to rent a home, it is important to calculate a monthly budget to figure out whether you can afford it. Making timely rent payments – while managing to take care of household expenses at the same time – is key for maintaining a smooth relationship with your landlord. If you are a first-time […]

Creating An Emergency Spending Fund

woman counting money at desk

Financial emergencies usually occur without warning. Whether it is a medical emergency or a global health crisis like COVID-19, having a backup financial plan can help you steer through them.  An emergency spending fund allows you to take advantage of cash savings while you are under financial stress. Without an emergency fund, you may end […]

The Best Renter-Friendly Neighborhoods In Los Angeles, CA

los ángeles skyline

From iconic landmarks and movie theaters to warm and sunny weather, Los Angeles has amazing things to offer its renters. This is one of the most beautiful cities in California. Find out why this lovely area is an excellent place to live. Los Angeles has a reputation as a very expensive city for living, especially […]