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How to Save Money on Utilities During Winter?

As the winter season arrives, many people are concerned about having more expenses. From shopping for gifts to holiday dinners, the winter season can take a toll on your budget. But the cold weather also brings another reason to worry about your money, and that’s the spike in utility costs. 

As the temperatures drop down, daylight dims, and the family spends more time indoors, you may likely experience a higher cost of heating, lighting, and other home adjustments. And the pressing question remains whether there is a way to save money on utilities during winter. 

Luckily, you can keep these expenses down each year. It’s important to save electricity in winter as it lowers your electricity bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on utilities, let’s take a closer look. 

#1. Get a Heating System Check-up 

Keeping your home warm and cozy during the cold winter can be the most significant expense. But it also means you can save the most if you take care of your home’s heating system. If you can afford one, the first thing that you should do is get a professional heating system check-up. 

A professional check-up of your heating system ensures that your heating system is working efficiently. Typically, the process involves cleaning and testing your heating system to make sure aren’t paying more because of a broken system. Moreover, the technician may replace the furnace filter, so your heating system gives you optimal performance while keeping your heating costs low. 

#2. Let Your Thermostat Decide 

Another way to save money on utilities during winter is to invest in a smart thermostat and then let your thermostat do the thinking. When you invest in a smart thermostat, you can preset the temperature for times when you are away or during the night which can allow you to save cost on utilities. Some of the latest thermostats allow you to control the temperature via a smartphone app, which is convenient, especially when you are not at home. 

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#3. Get Acclimatized 

The human body can get used to certain temperatures, and that’s another way of saving money on utilities during winter. Set the temperature slightly lower and give your body a few days to get used to the temperature, and wait for a few days before you can further reduce the temperature by another degree, further adding to cost-saving. 

Another pro-tip that will help you save money on utilities during winter is to avoid setting the thermostat too high as soon as you enter the home. Significantly changing the temperature doesn’t make your home warm faster. Instead, it just makes the heating unit run longer, which adds to your utility cost. 

#4. Check the Insulation in Your Home 

Your home’s insulation can play a significant role in reducing your utilities. With good insulation, you can reduce your utility bills, so why not add insulation to your home. The attic is a great place to start considering the insulation as it keeps your living area more heated. Another area of your home where heat can escape easily through your walls, so adding insulation is one of the best ways to save money on utilities during winter. 

#5. Adjust Your Water Heater’s Temperature 

Most people do not realize this, but the water heater is one of the few appliances in your home that can waste a lot of energy. Hence, one of the ways to save money on utilities during winter is to adjust your water heater’s temperature. If you set the temperature at 120 degrees, you will get plenty of hot water while saving costs. You can also try adding insulation around your water heater by adding a hot water blanket that wraps around the hot water tank and helps retain more heat so you can enjoy some cost-saving.

#6. Wash/Dry Full Loads of Laundry

Another way to save money that is applicable all year round is to wash/dry full loads of laundry. Smaller loads of laundry take as much energy as running a full load, so why let your washing machine use the same power to get less work done? A better alternative would be to let your washing machine run on full load only to add up to your savings. 

#7. Insulate Your Pipes 

The pipes in your home that deliver hot water to showers, faucets, and appliances can bleed energy. Depending upon where the hot water is traveling, your pipes can lose a lot of heat, adding to your utility cost. One of the possible ways to save this additional cost is to insulate your pipes. While insulation will help you save, it also means that you don’t have to wait for hot water for longer as you shower. 

#8. Let the Sun Shine During the Day and Use Curtains to Retain the Heat at Night

Let the natural light flow into your home during the day, as it is one of the best ways to heat a room. And you can retain this heat and avoid the cold seeping into your home by closing the drapes at night. 

Final Words 

It is possible to save money on utilities during winter. Try out these eight ways to save money on utilities and stay warm and comfortable this holiday season while keeping your energy bills down, regardless of where you live.

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