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The Best Renter-Friendly Neighborhoods In Los Angeles, CA

From iconic landmarks and movie theaters to warm and sunny weather, Los Angeles has amazing things to offer its renters. This is one of the most beautiful cities in California. Find out why this lovely area is an excellent place to live.

Los Angeles has a reputation as a very expensive city for living, especially in terms of rental homes. In reality, there are a variety of renter-friendly, budget-friendly neighborhoods. If you’re planning to move to Los Angeles, we’ve rounded up some ideal neighborhood options for you.

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This has to be one of the most popular neighborhoods in downtown LA. Marked by a colorful urban setting, it is considered to be a hotspot of culture, community, and commerce.

The cost of living in Chinatown is considerably lower as compared to the city’s overall average. You will easily be able to find nice apartments for rent in this neighborhood within your budget.

It is also home to many great restaurants, recreational facilities, and landmarks such as the LA Historical Park that extends throughout Chinatown and is known to offer one of the best park experiences in the entire city.


A plethora of shopping avenues and a variety of foods and desserts to indulge in are a few of the many things that this neighborhood has to offer to you. Koreatown is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city and is located south of Hollywood in Downtown Los Angeles. Koreatown is best known for its affordable living and has many houses for rent according to different kinds of budgets. Apart from the affordability factor, Koreatown also attracts many renters for its variety of unique buildings and its walkability, which means you can easily commute from this neighborhood to the city center on foot.

East Hollywood

This is a densely populated neighborhood in Los Angeles and is located in the central region of the city. East Hollywood is home to a great number of popular places and landmarks such as Barnsdall Art Park, Vista Theatre, Hollyhock House, and many others.

This area is often overshadowed by the other high-end neighborhoods in the city, but in actuality, East Hollywood is a hidden gem not just in terms of the amenities and recreational activities that it has to offer but also its affordable living conditions. 

east hollywood los angeles

When it comes to housing, East Hollywood consists primarily of renovated apartment communities. Some of of these communities are quite old, but most are available at really low costs. The rental homes in this neighborhood have a lower average compared to other regions in the city, making it an ideal option for aspiring renters.

Los Feliz

This is a hillside neighborhood in Los Angeles that encompasses part of the Santa Monica Mountains. Los Feliz proudly boasts the reputation of being one of those incredible neighborhoods. This neighborhood hosts a variety of cultures, rich history, and diverse populations. It is home to some of the most stunning architecture in the entire city and is also the birthplace of many motion pictures and television studios.

From independently owned bars and restaurants to great many shopping avenues, Los Feliz is undoubtedly one of the best options for renter-friendly neighborhoods. When looking for apartments for rent in this city, you should definitely pay a visit to Los Feliz, as you are likely to be able to find a nice home or apartment for rent within your budget.


With a population of almost 36,800 people, Arleta is yet another popular neighborhood in Los Angeles that offers a suburban feel to people that live in that part of the city. Arleta is often categorized as one of the most affluent areas of Los Angeles, but surprisingly, the cost of living is actually lower than the average of the city.  It’s one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in LA, and it is full of couples and children. If you are looking for a rental for the whole family, Arleta is definitely an option you should consider.

It’s also home to a variety of great schools, which makes it an ideal neighborhood for people with kids. Arleta is an excellent place for living, given how it’s super safe and friendly. There are a number of affordable rentals, so you are likely to find a place that meets your prescribed budget.

Final Word 

Los Angeles might come across as an expensive city to many people. While it surely is all that, it does cater to potential renters looking for homes and apartments for rent.

It is important to research renter-friendly neighborhoods in Los Angeles and do your homework before apartment hunting.

On top of that, LA has many diverse and amazing neighborhoods. So one can safely assume that they will find an affordable rental home without burning a hole in their pocket.

Above everything else, living in Los Angeles offers an experience unlike any other. You are likely to end up awe-inspired given what all the city has to offer to its people!

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