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9 Good Dog Breeds for Renting an Apartment

Living in an apartment comes with its own set of rules. Many apartment complexes have a strict no-pet or no-dog policy, which can be a huge bummer! But even if you manage to find a place that allows you to keep a dog, the breed of the dog can be the main deciding factor in whether or not you get a fuzzy friend. Your landlord will likely hesitate if you own a huge, high-energy dog like a German shepherd or a Labrador.

So, what’s a dog lover got to do to own a furry friend in their new rental apartment? Look for apartment-friendly dogs, of course! We’ve compiled a list of the best dog breeds for apartment living to make this search easier for you.

1. Bichon Frise

Are you afraid your allergies will act up around fluffy dogs? That won’t be the case with a Bichon Frise! Weighing around 15 pounds, these hypoallergenic dogs are perfect for picking up in your arms without worrying about becoming a sniffling mess later on. Bichon Frise won’t yip or bark unnecessarily, making them a perfect apartment roommate. However, their energy levels are off the charts, so you’ll have to find time to regularly play with them at home or at a dog park, where your pup can also socialize with other dogs.

2. Poodle

Poodles are another one of the friendliest and hypoallergenic dog breeds. Thanks to their high intelligence and impressive manners, you won’t find Poodles barking or making loud sounds throughout the day. Poodles are also family-loving breeds and make great company for small children. Their brown, curly fur almost makes them look like living and breathing teddy bears for your little ones! These furballs also have less energy compared to Bichon Frise – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

3. Pomeranian

When talking about dog breeds for apartments, we absolutely cannot skip these tiny creatures. Pomeranians are bouncy, high-activity dogs that love good playtime. Even when left to their own devices, Pomeranians will entertain themselves. The only downside to owning these fluffballs is that they shed a lot. So, in addition to their time-consuming brushing and grooming, you’ll also often find dog hair on your furniture. They’re also loud and will yap to communicate with you, but with a bit of training, you can help them control their excitement and avoid getting on your neighbor’s bad side.

4. Pug

Known for their adorably wrinkled faces, Pugs are low-energy dogs that are more than happy to doze the day away. Their snores can be loud when they’re in dreamland, but other than that, you won’t have any noise complaints with them. Despite their chill demeanor, Pugs are clingy to their humans and demand attention throughout the day. If your Pug is incessantly following you around the apartment, take it as a sign that you either need to take them out for a short walk or do some fun home activities. 

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With a majestic name and an equally majestic mane, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an intellectually and emotionally intelligent breed. Their sociable nature helps them immediately bond with you and demand to be spoiled and doted on. You can expect never-ending cuddle sessions with your Spaniel, but you might have trouble handling this breed if you have long hours of work and other responsibilities. Minimal shedding, rare instances of barking, and medium energy levels make Spaniels a great pup for apartments.

6. Scottish Terrier

These independent little champs are great at patiently waiting for you to come back home. Their loyal nature allows them to get attached to you fairly quickly and become protective over you, going in alert mode when faced with strangers. Scottish Terriers are energetic pets that enjoy walks and long playtimes. They’re also great with children and can entertain them for hours on end. However, keep in mind that Scotties have a long coat that needs frequent grooming. While they’re not known for shedding excessively, it’s better to keep grooming them regularly to avoid any allergic reaction.

7. Boston Terrier

If you’d want a Terrier without having to worry about managing their fur coat, say hello to the American Gentleman. The black and white coat of a Boston Terrier resembles a tuxedo, making them look highly stylish and dapper. While Boston Terriers are very small and compact, they can pretty stubborn when they are feeling hyperactive. Training them will help you develop a bond between you two and encourage them to listen to your commands. Despite its high energy, Boston Terriers are content with small spaces and won’t bark unless they feel territorial.

8. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are by no means a small dog breed, but their gentle and well-mannered behavior makes them a perfect candidate for apartments. Their aloof and independent nature can be difficult to deal with as a pup, so it’s important to help them socialize with other dogs. Shiba Inus are also a fan of daily exercise, making them suitable for those with an active lifestyle. Though they have a short coat, these fox-resembling dogs shed heavily twice a year, so be prepared to give your apartment a proper spring cleaning.

9. Greyhound

Despite being one of the tallest and fastest breeds of dogs, Greyhounds adapt surprisingly well to small spaces. Their high-activity level and fast pace help them burn their energy more quickly. As a result, you’ll find your giant puppy sleeping or lounging on the couch for most of the day. So, as long as you make sure to take them out to the park, your Greyhound will be on its best behavior inside your apartment. Their size can be a bit intimidating, but unlike their stature, Greyhounds are mostly calm and won’t bark too often.

Final Words

Whether you’re planning to rent out an apartment to live in or to move with your family, having a dog around can immediately brighten up the space and make the apartment feel homier. Consider these nine dog breeds and discuss them with your landlord so you can have a fun companion in your new place!

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