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7 Things to Love About Houston, TX

houston texas city

With one of the most exotic culinary scenes to offer in the whole country and three gorgeous skylines, Houston has a lot to its name. If you ask any Houstonite what they love about their city, they’ll probably name more things than you can count! Houston has long been one of the more popular large […]

7 Things to Love About Austin, TX

decorative guitar on a busy Austin street

Just last week, we got the chance to take a virtual trip to Central Texas when we spoke to Nermeen, a renter who lives in Austin.  Nermeen is incredibly proud of her town and is excited to show it off to all of you. Let’s see the top seven reasons why Austin’s the place she […]

7 Things to Love About Dallas, TX

Dallas skyline during the sunset over a busy highway

Last week we spoke to Clare, a renter who lives in Dallas, and she gave us the details on her fine city.  Here, direct from Clare, the best things about living in “Big D”! 1. Youthful community Clare’s favorite thing about living in Dallas is that she feels like she’s living in the center of […]

7 Things to Love About San Antonio, TX

San Antonio texas water way near restaurant

The first thing you need to know about Sonny, a renter in San Antonio, is that he is the go-to guy for restaurant recommendations.  He has explored all that San Antonio has to offer in terms of food, and he was excited to share that wisdom with the Dwellsy team.  So, without further ado, here’s […]