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7 Things to Love About Houston, TX

With one of the most exotic culinary scenes to offer in the whole country and three gorgeous skylines, Houston has a lot to its name. If you ask any Houstonite what they love about their city, they’ll probably name more things than you can count!

Houston has long been one of the more popular large metropolitan cities of Texas and seems to be attracting a number of people who are looking to move to a new area. Simply put, it is quite a progressive town that is very well-rounded, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire country.

If you’re thinking about relocating and moving to a new city, here are some reasons why you should absolutely consider Houston and seven things that will make you fall in love with this city.

1. More Affordable Living Compared to Other Large Metropolitan Areas

Right off the bat, one of the first things to love about Houston is that it offers more affordable living options as compared to the other large metropolitan areas in the country. Although the cost of living does tend to fluctuate based on factors like your area, job, and personal preferences like dining out, shopping, etc., you will still find it cheaper in comparison.

If you were to compare Houston with Chicago, for instance, in terms of its affordability and cost of living, you will find living in the former city to be at least 8 percent cheaper than the latter.

Housing typically the largest expense in this city; however, it is in line with the national average, making it less expensive than other cities and areas.

2. A Variety of Diverse Neighborhoods

When you are trying to find decent apartments and rentals in a new city, the kind of neighborhood plays a very important role in your final decision. You don’t just want comfortable, pretty-looking homes, but you probably also wish for friendly neighbors, access to amenities and facilities, parks, recreational opportunities, and so much more.

Lucky for you, Houston is home to a variety of diverse neighborhoods that actually do offer all of that. One of the most popular neighborhoods in this city is known as ‘West University, ’ which is known for its walkability, serenity, and hospitality.

Another neighborhood is ‘River Oaks,’ which is on the higher end of the spectrum with large mansions and estates that will blow your mind away.

3. Out-of-the-World Culinary Scenes

Houston’s culinary is a treasure, which is probably why Houstonians are known to eat out more than most.

The city is home to even more than 10,000 restaurants, including a diverse array of eateries for vegans and vegetarians. These restaurants represent over 70 countries, which means you could eat a different kind of cuisine everyday for months. More than that, the city is most famous for its Tex-Mex cuisine and hundreds of taco trucks. Houston’s 500 Tex-Mex restaurants will keep happy and full all year long!

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4. Great Weather, More Outdoor Opportunities

If you aren’t big on snow, you will love Houston because the weather is warmer all year round!

While things do get hot and humid a lot more than you’d normally like, it actually opens the doors to many incredible outdoor opportunities. The warm weather in Houston is top-notch throughout the year, which means that you will easily find an outdoor activity according to your liking. From kayaking and horse-riding to swimming and camping, the city is literally brimming with fun, outdoor recreational options.

5. Every Shopaholic’s Dream

We all have our fair share of guilty pleasures. For some people, it is burning a hole in their wallet by shopping away to their heart’s content! If you can relate to this, Houston won’t disappoint because this wonderful city is every shopaholic’s dream place!

The city is famous for its world-class shopping, thanks to a plethora of mega malls and boutiques which are neatly nestled along its palm-lined avenues.

Did you know that Houston is often referred to as ‘The Style Capital of the South’? The title mainly stems from the fact that it’s such a huge shopping hub, which obviously brings forth numerous styles and fashion trends. If you are a fashionista, Houston might just be the perfect city for you!

shopping in Houston

6. The Hub of Diverse Cultures

Houston is one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the United States, both ethnically and racially. You will find such a rich mix of cultures all celebrated in their own unique ways. Frequent international festivals and many other cultural exchanges are to be excited in such a vibrant city. With access to a variety of cuisines and a myriad of historical locations, Houston will keep you thoroughly engaged.

7. An Abundance of Green Spaces

Everyone loves a bit of nature. Be it in the form of a park or a forest, greenery brings out the beauty of Mother Nature. Houston is a giant city with walking trails and gorgeous parks, perfect for reading your favorite book under towering trees.

Discovery Green is a famous park in downtown Houston that is much more than a place to walk your dog. It is an active public place that caters to people of all ages with tons of fun and exciting activities.

Ready to Find Your Dream Home in Houston?

Does Houston sound like a city worth moving to? If this Texas city isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out San Antonio. Endless opportunities and exciting prospects await your arrival! Let’s find you your dream home

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