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Will Having a Roommate Raise My Rent?

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You might be thinking about finding a roommate for your rental as a cost-saving measure. Having someone to split rent with sounds pretty sweet, right? But you might be wondering, “Will having a roommate raise my rent?” The basic answer is “probably yes,” but there are a few more things you should understand about how […]

How to Rent with Roommates

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There’s so much to think about when you move rentals. You’re considering your budget, the neighborhood you want to live in, what the landlord is like, whether to look for a pet-friendly place and more. A big stressor on this list of worries can be finding and living with roommates. The good thing is, if […]

7 Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Trying to Find a Roommate

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Trying to find a roommate might sound like a daunting task. How do you find someone you’ll want to share a home with? It’s true––inviting someone into your space can come with some risks. However, if you search carefully, a good roommate can quite literally pay off. Not only will you be splitting rent, but […]

Complicated Moves for Renters

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Earlier this year, Kansas City-based fashion designer Sarah Nelsen wanted to vacate her Columbus Park apartment, where she’d spent the last five years, and try a different part of town. After successfully scouting out a new place in mid-February—she found and signed a lease for a charming 2-bedroom with hardwood floors in a historic fourplex—she […]