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What to Look for in single-family Home Rentals as a Tenant

As of 2022, home sales are the highest they’ve been in 15 years, inventory is low, homes come off the market fast, and mortgage interest rates are rising. Because of this, many families are skipping the bidding wars and avoiding inflated house prices by seeking homes to rent instead. For many families in the United […]

Perks of Renting Furniture for Your Home

Buying furniture can be one of the lengthiest, most costly aspects of moving into a new home. Many people find themselves spending thousands of dollars on furnishing their homes. At Dwellsy, we recognize that you may not have thousands of dollars to spend on furinture. Especially not after paying the first month’s rent and a […]

Why You Should Always Read Your Lease

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Reading your lease is extremely important. Both the landlord and the tenant must know what they’re signing. When you’re signing your lease, it’s important to understand what’s in the document that you’re signing. Sometimes, tenants are shocked to learn of a rule or policy that they didn’t realize was a part of the lease. To […]

Tenant Tips: Move Into Your Next Home

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You’ve found a new place and were just approved to move in! CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe this is your very first place on your own or it’s just been a while since your last move, but here are 6 steps to make moving as simple as possible. Pay Your Security Deposit Through a Trackable Method  (check, cashier’s […]

What to Know as a First Time Renter

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Moving into your first apartment or house is super exciting. You are finally in charge of your own space, and you can do whatever you want, within limits of course. This freedom comes at a price, as you have more responsibilities and bills to pay. Before you start exploring the options for your first rental […]

Tips for Renting in Another State

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If you have ever searched for a rental property, you know that it can be a daunting task. The challenges of house hunting multiply when you’re looking to rent a property in another state. The long-distance rental property search can bring several unique challenges. Whether you are moving to another state for a new job […]

Ways to Maximize Apartment Space

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Small apartments have many benefits to offer, like easy cleaning and maintenance. Along with this, they help you save money, and as a plus point, they are fun to decorate.  However, a common complaint that most people have about small apartments is that they offer very limited living and storage space. The good news here, […]

COVID Renter Assistance for Every State

These Are Hard Times for Renters So many are struggling in the face of COVID-19, but there is help available for many, courtesy of programs like the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.   Because that help is delivered at the state level, finding it is not always easy, so we assembled all of the best COVID-19 renter […]

The Case for Renting

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Or…Why Renting is the Better Choice For Most People Culture runs broad and deep in this amazing country.  It runs through our music, our food, our dancing, in accents, in regional and national treasures.  American culture has long been a powerful export, spreading across the whole world – which now eats our hamburgers, drives our […]