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Complicated Moves for Renters

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Earlier this year, Kansas City-based fashion designer Sarah Nelsen wanted to vacate her Columbus Park apartment, where she’d spent the last five years, and try a different part of town. After successfully scouting out a new place in mid-February—she found and signed a lease for a charming 2-bedroom with hardwood floors in a historic fourplex—she […]

Before You Sign Your Lease, Ask These 7 Questions

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Congratulations! You found a rental and are ready to make it your home. Before you sign your lease agreement and snap that selfie to share this great news with your friends, make certain that you’ve participated in a rental inspection. What is a rental inspection and why is it important to do before you sign […]

Ways the Apartment Search Has Changed in the Last Seven Years

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Maybe you’ve been happy in your apartment, maybe you’ve just not needed to look for a new place for a while, but wow, the search for a new rental has changed!  Read on to find out the main ways things have changed… 1. Craigslist No More I remember looking for a new rental in 2013, […]