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What Makes Dwellsy’s Data Better, Part 2: Breaking Down the Numbers

data sheet with pie charts and graphs

We know, we know: we’ve extolled the virtues of Dwellsy’s data to you before. We’ve talked about the data’s breadth (14 million listings and counting!) and its depth (pricing! photography! amenities!). Now it’s time to dig into the numbers. Let’s see what Dwellsy’s 14 million listings are actually made of. Dwellsy’s Data in Statistics Want […]

What Is A Cosigning Company & Do I Need One? Apartment Guarantors 101

Maybe you, like thousands of renters, are worried that your rental application  isn’t good enough to net you a rental. When applying to rent an apartment, you might be worried about your credit score, your lack of credit history, whether you have enough income, or a prior eviction on your record. Rentals go fast these days, and […]

Dwellsy’s Rent Price Analysis Methodology

As the largest rental listing platform by inventory, Dwellsy is fortunate to have deeper and broader rental listing data than any other platform in existence today.   Each month, we mine listings from the 13M+ rentals that list with us to understand how rent prices change over time.  Here’s a primer on the methodology we use […]

So You’ve Been Evicted, Here’s How To Rent Again

Finding a new apartment can be a challenging experience, especially if you have an eviction record on your rental history. Evictions can be a very scary situation for a renter and can impact future rental experiences.  Evictions came to the forefront of the public conversation as the COVID-19 pandemic rattled our economic systems. However, eviction […]