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What Makes Dwellsy’s Data Better, Part 2: Breaking Down the Numbers

We know, we know: we’ve extolled the virtues of Dwellsy’s data to you before. We’ve talked about the data’s breadth (14 million listings and counting!) and its depth (pricing! photography! amenities!). Now it’s time to dig into the numbers. Let’s see what Dwellsy’s 14 million listings are actually made of.

Dwellsy’s Data in Statistics

Want a quick snapshot of the types of rentals Dwellsy has in its massive database? Our rich and diverse set of listings comes from over 20,000 property managers nationwide. Here’s how our numbers break down:

  • 40% of our listings are single-family
  • 40% of our listings are small-scale multifamily
  • 20% of our listings are large multifamily operators

Because our data covers so many different types of property structures, you can pinpoint the exact data points that are most relevant to you instead of digging through general aggregate rental data. If you’re only interested in seeing single-family listings in your area, there’s no reason you should have to wade through tons of multifamily listings. Dwellsy’s data is rich and deep enough to provide you with plenty of data specific to your circumstances. 

Our Listings Are Fraud-Free and Genuinely Available

At any given time, about 800,000 units are available on Dwellsy. When we say available, we mean truly available. Our listings aren’t riddled with fraud or collecting dust after months of neglect. On Dwellsy, old listings come down automatically as soon as they’re rented, so our database reflects what’s really out there. 

Not every rental site takes such a strong stance against fraud, but it’s at the core of Dwellsy’s values. It’s a point of pride for us. Other rental listing sites can be up to 60% fraud, but our database is clean and fraud-free.

So there you have it: Dwellsy data is just better. Check out the different data sets and rental market insights we have below!

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