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DIY: Tons of Ways To Make Your Apartment Kid Friendly

1. Storage Hacks

If you have kids, you already know that they take up a lot of space. You probably also know how difficult it is to make your home kid friendly. Maybe you are even thinking, “They take up ALL the space!” Their stuff can seem to proliferate everywhere. Even if you have the perfect apartment, it can still be a hazard zone for adults who try to simply walk from Point A to Point B.

Here at Dwellsy, we are happy to suggest that you check out this website that offers 55 ideas for decluttering your apartment, and even encouraging your kids to get into the spirit of things themselves! Some of these ideas are really inexpensive and simple. Others are more complicated and pricier. But they all are motivated by a “can do” attitude in facing the challenge of being a parent. If none of those decluttering ideas resonate with you, check out our blog post on fun and creative storage ideas. Maybe these ideas will help you get your own creative juices flowing, getting you that much closer to having the kid friendly apartment of your dreams.

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2. Chalkboard Wall Paint

Did you know that kids sometimes write on walls? Here is a great trend that will let you make your walls and apartment more kid friendly. Let your young artists be endlessly creative with these products that allow you to paint a wall with chalkboard paint. When it is dry, you can use it just like a chalkboard at school. Same chalk, same erasers.

On top of that, (or under it, actually), you can put a couple of coats of magnetic paint primer. After the chalkboard wall paint is applied over this, you will have not only a chalkboard, but a wall surface where you can hang things with magnets, just like on the refrigerator.

Check out these two YouTube “how to” videos:

3. Kids Art Ideas

One of the secrets to keeping an apartment or house reasonably orderly is to keep kids busy doing something. Of course, you would like to see them busy doing the dishes, laundry, dusting, and ironing, but have you ever met a kid who likes to do that stuff? No problem! There is a great alternative activity that many, maybe most, kids really do get into: Art. They just need the materials, a little art corner, and maybe a bit of modeling and encouragement.

Anyway, checkout this great website, and the video below, for some tips on getting your kids occupied with art activities.

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