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Creating a Backlink to Dwellsy Lightbox

To gain access to premium content on Dwellsy Lightbox, you must have an active backlink to dwellsy.com/lightbox on your professional website.

  1. You must have a professional business branded website. Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Medium articles, etc. do NOT meet this criteria.
  2. You must link to dwellsy.com/lightbox somewhere on the website from Requirement 1. Links set as “Nofollow” will not count toward this requirement.

The requirements are not meant to be overly burdensome — you just need a link to dwellsy.com/lightbox anywhere on your website. That’s it. No images needed. No price list required. Nothing except an active backlink.

Once you have the link on your website, you can sign up for Dwellsy Lightbox. Your link will be automatically checked on sign up and, if valid, you will get immediate access to premium content.

Still have questions? Email us at lightbox@dwellsy.com/blog.

There are only 2 requirements: You must have a professional website and you must link to dwellsy.com/lightbox somewhere on that website.

Images – Great to have, but NOT required!

Property Managers will always be more likely to contact you if you have sample images, but a gallery is NOT required to be listed on Dwellsy Lightbox.

Price List – Great to have,
but NOT required!

Like images, price lists and details about your offering are important for marketing your services, but are NOT required to sign up for Dwellsy Lightbox.


Will a blog post about offering real estate services count towards the 2 requirements?

Yes! So long as the blog is hosted on your business domain (not Facebook, Instagram, Medium or other secondary service), a blog post is absolutely fine. Just be sure to enter the link to your blog post in the Backlink Checker when you sign up and be sure that your blog post includes a link to dwellsy.com/lightbox!

I don’t have any portfolio images for real estate or interiors, but I want to start offering this! What should I do?

You can sign up with only a single sentence that says “I am a member of dwellsy.com/lightbox.” Then as you build out a portfolio and offerings you can update your page.

Any tips for how to build a portfolio when I don’t have one yet?

Yes! You can start simply by photographing a room or area in your own home! Your home does NOT need to be eligible for entry into Architectural Digest or be fancy in any way. The VAST majority of homes that are rented and/or sold are ordinary homes without swoon-worthy features. In fact, if you can demonstrate that you can photograph an ordinary home or a small space in a way that is inviting, properly lit, and shows the the home in the best possible manner, you will find yourself very popular with property managers and real estate agents!

I need help figuring out what to charge, how to learn to do this, what I need… Who can help me?

Good news! As a member of Dwellsy Lightbox, you are entitled to on-going exclusive content to help you as you run your real estate photography business. You can access expect a broad array of content over the coming months — everything from technical instruction on the right lenses, angles, lighting, etc. to detailed analysis of properties in your market so you can create a target list of prospects. There will also be content from real estate professionals to help you understand pricing, product needs, and business landscape. Watch this page as more content is rolled out!”

Dwellsy has also partnered with Susan Stripling — one of the industry’s most talented and prolific creators of exceptional training content for photographers. Her platform, The Wedding School will have tons of discussions and training on how to add this offering to your photography repertoire. Her platform requires a paid membership to join in, but it also has resources far beyond getting your portfolio ready for Dwellsy Lightbox that make it a no-brainer for any wedding or portrait photographer to join!

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