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7 Things To Love About Seattle, WA

Often described as a city unlike any other, Seattle has surely caught the eyes and attention of many people who are looking to move to a new city.

It’s truly a beautiful city that keeps evolving constantly, and its natural beauty seems to grow every single day. The city has been ranked as one of the ten best places to live in the United States and for all the right reasons, too.

From culture and arts to outdoor spaces and extensive coffee options, you will find everything that you are looking for in this wonderful city.

Take a look at the seven most incredible things to love about Seattle and the reasons why it is a great idea to move to that city.

1. Glorious Summers

If you are a fan of golden, dazzling sunshine and gushing water at the beach that glistens due to the sun, you will fall in love with Seattle. The summers are absolutely glorious here with a great deal of warmth around you, low humidity, and some of the most picturesque views that you’ll ever see.

The best part about summers in Seattle is that the seasons bring an amazing opportunity to do so many things and activities!

If you are big on water sports, you can spend the day kayaking, parasailing, or even water skiing and have an absolute ball! If you are more of a nature enthusiast who likes exploring new places, you can go hiking all around the city, thanks to the hundreds of trails that are present within an hour-long drive distance.

The summer season in Seattle is super exciting and fun, and you get to do so much to beat the heat and enjoy the weather.

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2. Reasonable Cost of Living

Seattle definitely doesn’t come under one of those inexpensive places to live in, but if you compare it with cities like New York and Los Angeles, you will find a huge difference in terms of the cost of living.

It’s surely expensive, but there are many neighborhoods in Seattle that offer a reasonable cost of living and will fall under a decent budget.

There are so many affordable suburbs with homes for rent near Seattle that one can consider such as Everett, Renton, Maple Valley, and Mukilteo, to name a few. Each area has unique things to offer, and it’s really about what you look for when moving to a new city, be it cheap rentals and apartments, amenities, scenic views, location, etc.

3. The Best Place for Coffee Lovers

Seattle boasts the reputation for being the greatest coffee town in America, and it sure does live up to the expectations of every coffee lover out there.

Seattle for coffee lovers is exactly what a candy store is to a little kid. Almost every single neighborhood in this city has its own coffee scene going on with special shops and cafes everywhere.

Did you know that the first-ever Starbucks was opened in Seattle in Pike Place Market? Imagine tasting the history of coffee right in Starbucks’ hometown- isn’t that incredible?

If you are a die-hard coffee lover who just can’t start your day without a dose of caffeine, Seattle is your mini coffee heaven for sure!

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4. A City of Unique Neighborhoods

Among the massive coffee and beer scene happening in Seattle, another thing that greatly attracts people is the presence of unique and diverse neighborhoods in this city. Each neighborhood has a story to tell, has its own personality and culture, and well, offers independent coffee shops and cafes!

You will find the Seattle’s neighborhoods have a variety of apartments and houses to rent that reflect their distinct cultures, which is an excellent thing because you will definitely find a favorite area in this city after very little research and exploring. From brand new luxury apartments for rent near Pike’s Place Market to beautiful craftsman homes for rent in Queen Anne, Seattle offers something for everyone.

This also suggests that you will meet such diverse kinds of people, learn so much about other cultures and make amazing new friends, too!

5. Majestic Outdoors Spaces

Among numerous things, one thing that truly makes a city worth moving to and a must-visit is the kind of outdoor spaces and recreational spots that it has to offer.

Lucky for you, Seattle is simply wonderful in that aspect. If you are particularly an outdoorsy person, you will simply fall in love with this city in no time.

The city is surrounded by mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, and majestic dense forests that will blow you away.

From sightseeing to doing activities like kayaking, cycling, skiing, and snowboarding, every outdoor space has something incredible to offer to you. It also has spectacular coastal regions where you can go fishing, whale-watching, or simply just enjoy the calm blue waters.

6. Satisfy the Foodie In You

Seattleites don’t just take their coffee and beer very seriously, but they are also very particular about their food. This is great news for all the foodies and gourmands out there who look forward to exotic culinary affairs and having absolutely memorable dining experiences.

From eclectic and diverse food stalls in its famous Pike Place Market to stunning fine-dining options scattered all over the city, you will find the best food in this city.

This year’s top food places in Seattle include some popular names such as Café Munir, The Shambles, Café Juanita, Wataru, Addo, Xi’an Noodles and so many others that will just satisfy the foodie in you like never before!

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7. A Never-Ending List of Things to Do

One of the most amazing things to love about Seattle is that you won’t have a single weekend filled with boredom and laziness (unless you actually look forward to that) because the things to do in this city are just too many!

Whether you wish to do some sightseeing at the Space Needle or from the Seattle Great Wheel or perhaps you are up for some entertaining festivals and events such as the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival, you will literally find hundreds of things to do on a single day!

Is Seattle for You?

So, does Seattle sound like an ideal new city to move to without second thoughts?

If you think Seattle is for you, it is time to look for a new Seattle home in this beautiful, amazing city!

Loving Seattle but want to do a little more research? Check out our other local guides, including guides for New York City, Charlotte, and Tampa Bay. The right home for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it.

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