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The Best Renter-Friendly Neighborhoods In Phoenix, Arizona

When it comes to the weather, Phoenix is known as one of the best cities to experience your life outdoors. As the sixth-largest city in the United States with a population of around 1.5 million, this city offers a cozy ambiance with its high-end hotel resorts, lavish beauty salons and spas, and modern swimming pools. 

Known as the perfect place for tourists to explore different venues, you will find a number of amusement parks, water parks, sports clubs, music concerts, and educational institutes in Phoenix. Apart from tourism, Phoenix has a lot of homes for rent for its residents as well as apartments in renter-friendly neighborhoods of all ranges. The long, sunny days of the summertime provide people with a chance to go out swimming or throw a summer pool party in the comfort of their homes. 

Whether you have decided to move to Phoenix for a short term or permanently, you should get yourself a good living space that can facilitate all your housing needs for a pocket-friendly residential space.

To make your search easier and quicker, we have curated a list of areas that are considered the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Phoenix. Here, you can find a bunch of houses for rent with plenty of benefits that you can utilize while enjoying the great weather of Phoenix.

Paradise Valley

For those who want to play golf in the vicinity of their renter-friendly neighborhood, Paradise Valley offers spacious golf courses which are situated in close proximity to the townhomes for rent. Apart from golf, there are plenty of places to spend your leisure time during weekends such as Dolphinaris where you can have fun swimming with the dolphins, OdySea Aquarium to look at the beautiful animals, and Scottsdale Fashion Square where you can shop from your favorite luxury designer stores. You will also find theatres and art galleries where you can explore different paintings and contemporary art designs as well as other genres of art and architecture. You can become your fittest self by hitting the nearby gyms with modern fitness equipment and professional trainers as well as affordable monthly membership offers.

This neighborhood brings a lot of comfort and convenience to its residents by offering a range of affordable apartments for rent. A studio apartment will cost you around $1,600 per month, a 1-bedroom apartment will cost $2,000, and a 2-bedroom apartment requires you to pay a rent of $2,300 per month.

Deer Valley

If you are always looking for ways to have an adventure, Deer Valley is the right neighborhood for you. You can get access to various outdoor activities such as hiking trails, biking, and rock climbing as well as swimming and rides at the nearby water and adventure parks. It offers sports clubs for sports lovers where they can play games and learn the art of playing sports. This neighborhood is ideal for those on a tight budget as a studio apartment will cost you $1,200 per month, 1 bedroom apartment includes rent of $1,300, and for a 2 bedroom apartment, you need to pay $1,500 per month.


For your love of mountains, Arcadia brings you several townhomes for rent where you can enjoy a view of Camelback Mountain from your bedroom window or your balcony while sipping some hot coffee. If you are drawn towards outdoor sports, you will get a chance to explore your interests at Echo Canyon Recreation Area where you can go for a hike or simply plan a picnic with your friends and family members during your weekends. Life at Arcadia is quite fast with a community of people who are friendly and caring towards their neighbors. You can build a good social life and throw dinners to your new friends at high-end restaurants such as Chelsea’s Kitchen and go for a shopping therapy at Biltmore Fashion Park.

If you are living alone or with a friend or a spouse, you can opt for a studio apartment in Arcadia at a rent of $1,500, whereas, if you want a bigger space to accommodate your family, you can choose to rent 1 bedroom apartment for $1,800 per month and 2 bedrooms apartment at $2,000 per month.

Desert Ridge

If you are looking at renting in Phoenix, Desert Ridge is the right renter-friendly neighborhood for you. Your family will thank you for shifting to this lovely area as it includes a lot of nearby places for you to spend some quality time with your family members. You can experience the musical world at the Musical Instrument Museum which showcases around 7,000 different musical instruments and lets you to try the ones you like.

This neighborhood brings in plenty of good amenities including parking lots, swimming pools, laundry facility, gardens, nearby coffee shops, and clothing stores. Living in Desert Ridge is a good move as it allows you and your family with so many benefits for a good lifestyle. The average monthly rent for a studio apartment is $1,500, a 1-bedroom apartment for $2,000 and a 2-bedrooms apartment for $2,700.

Downtown Phoenix

For all the lovers of high-rise buildings and modern architecture, Downtown Phoenix is the perfect renter-friendly place for you to search for rental homes. If you travel very frequently, you can easily commute to the Sky Harbor International Airport within 5 minutes depending on your distance from the airport. If you are an artist or an art lover, you can fulfill your love of art at various art museums nearby including the Phoenix Art Museum which showcases the talent of creative people of all genres.

If you are into indoor and outdoor games, you will find several spots that will cater to your gaming needs including sports such as basketball and baseball. Since this area provides its residents with endless benefits, you should expect to pay a whopping $1,600 for a studio apartment on rent, $1,900 for a 1-bedroom apartment, and $2,600 for a 2-bedroom apartment in Downtown Phoenix.

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