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The Best Renter-Friendly Neighborhoods In Jacksonville, FL

Moving to Jacksonville is something you should be proud of! Getting a chance to live in such a safe and secure, yet mesmerizing city is surely an achievement. This city has plenty of options for you to check out houses for rent at an affordable rate. For your convenience, we have shortlisted the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Jacksonville, so you could save the extra effort and time and finalize a living space. 

You can count on these neighborhoods listed below to provide you a comfortable experience and a hassle-free living space to cater to your needs and wants. Moreover, you can easily find nearby spots for entertainment and spending leisure time during the weekends. Here is the list of the 5 most sought-out places for you to find homes for rent.


Riverview is the perfect place for those who wish to reside in a well-mannered community with great neighbors. It has beautiful roads and walking paths so you could have a nice walk on the streets. Not just the streets, but you can start a morning jog in pretty parks near your rental home. You can easily ride your bicycle on the side of the road without having to worry about anyone judging you. This place is filled with people from diverse backgrounds and cultural values with an open, liberal mindset. This makes it an ideal place for families to find rental apartments. The average rent per month may cost you around $900 for a 1-bedroom apartment.


If you are planning to move with your smaller family, checking out homes for rent in Highlands is your best bet! It’s a calm and peaceful neighborhood in Jacksonville, and most of its land is full of houses for rent. The lack of commercial spots makes it less prone to heavy traffic jams or overpopulation. Living in rental homes in Highlands may require you to pay around $1000 for a 1 bedroom home or apartment per month. 


Situated in the heart of Southern Jacksonville, Mandarin serves well to provide a high-caliber community to many people. Being one of the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, it can cater to your residential needs in many ways. It is considered a perfect living space with several homes for rent, especially for people who are drawn to plants, trees, gardens, and parks. As the name implies, this serene locality has an ample amount of natural beauty with greenery all over it. Widely known as Tropical Paradise, it is full of gorgeous Spanish moss and delicate oak trees. Along with an amazing quality of lifestyle and surroundings, you will need to pay $1,200 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment.  

Bartram Park

Bartram Park is an all-rounder with plenty of rental homes, shopping malls, grocery stores, and clothing shops. If you are drawn to outdoor activities, you will have a good time hiking and bike riding at the Julington Durban Creek Preserve. This locality provides an ideal living space for professional individuals and families. The rent starts from $1,300 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment.  


Downtown is that one neighborhood you can count on for anything and everything. If you wish to reside near your workplace, this is an area to search for apartments. It stays active from the start of the day till late at night. Living in this locality, you can go out to dine whenever you want. Shopping malls and beaches are just a 5-minute drive away from this amazing area; hence, this locality comes under one of the most desired places to live in.

We hope that this list of neighborhoods helps you find the ideal place for a rental home in Jacksonville, Florida. Good luck on your hunt!

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