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So You’ve Been Evicted, Here’s How To Rent Again

Finding a new apartment can be a challenging experience, especially if you have an eviction record on your rental history. Evictions can be a very scary situation for a renter and can impact future rental experiences.  Evictions came to the forefront of the public conversation as the COVID-19 pandemic rattled our economic systems. However, eviction […]

What Is A Co-Signer? Do I Need One To Rent A Home?

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Once you’ve found the apartment of your dreams, it is now time to sign the lease. Based on your circumstances, you may need a co-signer for renting in order to seal the deal. A co-signer can reinforce your application and help you acquire the home you have selected. Here is some useful information to help […]

Want to Score a Rental Apartment? Make Yourself a More Attractive Renter

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So you’ve found a rental apartment you really like. Congrats, that’s great! Now you’ve got to put in your rental application and hope you get picked. The process isn’t all luck, though. There are a few key things you can do in order to improve your chances. We’ll give you all the tips we have […]

How to Rent an Apartment with No Credit History

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If you have no credit history, you might be worried about scoring a rental apartment, and with good reason. Most landlords and property managers run a credit check and prefer to rent to tenants with good credit.  A positive payment history on your credit report shows that you’re more likely to pay rent on time. […]

How to Make Your Rental Application Stand out

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It can be difficult to land a rental apartment that meets all of your needs, especially with competition for rental properties on the rise. You may struggle with your credit score, lack a rental history or face other challenges that make it difficult to find a rental home. To make your rental application stand out, […]

How to Find the Right Apartment – Steps for Success

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Finding the right place is never easy and apartment search has changed a lot in recent years but with the right organization, you can get it done – and perhaps even enjoy the process.  And, we have a secret for you too…one that can help you save some serious money on your next apartment.   Let’s […]