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Cleaning Tips for Moving Out of Your Rental

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After months of planning and weeks of hard work, you have all your belongings packed up and are ready to move out of your rental. But wait, there is a box that can’t be taped up right now; cleaning supplies. But, don’t worry, you will not have to spend money on cleaning services for this […]

Move Out Cleaning Tips

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When it finally comes time for you to move out of your rental, we know you want to make sure you get your security deposit back without any hassle. One of the most common reasons that landlords hold back part of a security deposit is because the tenant didn’t leave the rental clean enough. It’s […]

Things to Consider When Breaking Your Rental Lease

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Life is best described as unpredictable, and it takes you by surprise most of the time. You may have signed your rental contract for 2 years, but there might come a time when you have to break your rental lease earlier than that. There could be numerous reasons for that, such as a family emergency, […]

What to Do Before Moving Out of Your Current Rental

couple with moving boxes

It’s great that you’ve found a new place and are all set to leave your current rental! As excited as you might be, before you make the new place ‘home’, there are a few things that you need to handle before leaving the current place. For many people, moving out is an absolute emotional rollercoaster, […]

Your Cross-state Moving Checklist

two women moving boxes

So you’ve decided to move…cross state So, the time has come to move to a new place and see new things, and you’ve decided to move cross-state. It’s a big decision to move to a new state, whether you are looking to buy a new property or looking to rent an apartment. Moving is hard […]

Notice to Vacate Letter – How to Write One

couple unrolling carpet in their new apartment

Sometimes you just need a new place.  Leave that apartment behind and find a new path.  Perhaps it’s a new job, a new family circumstance, or a new adventure.   Whatever it is, it’s time to move.  So, how do you tell the landlord or property manager? Generally speaking, you need to write something called a […]