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Storage Ideas for Apartment Renters

If you live in an apartment, there is typically one inescapable fact and that is that storage space is limited. Most apartments were designed with just the basic necessities in mind. A living room with no storage, a kitchen with a minimal amount of cabinetry, a bathroom with a small cabinet if you’re lucky, and one or two bedrooms with one small closet each. If the apartment building is generous, you may be able to rent a small storage unit in the basement of your building. But let’s face it: those storage units are small and can’t hold a ton of stuff. You can probably only fit your bike and a few boxes into it. And these units aren’t the most secure places either. Protected by only a padlock, these units are easy targets for thieves.

Given these facts, you’ve got to come up with ways to store your belongings that are ingenious and work in small spaces. Here are a few apartment storage ideas that may work for you.

1. Under Bed Storage

under bed storage

Consider using the space under your bed as additional storage. This space is great for items that you may not need to access frequently such as off-season clothing. Ikea makes a great product for this purpose, but you can find these drawers at many retailers.

2. Under Sofa Storage

under sofa storage

As with the under-bed storage, unused space is also available under your sofa or loveseat. This might be a great place to put shoes, winter coats, extra pillows, or decorations. You’ll want to get containers that look good while tucked under the couch, but that are easily accessible (possibly with castor wheels) when you need to access items.

3. TV Cabinet

TV cabinet

In a small apartment furniture often has to do double duty. A TV cabinet does just that. But instead of having electronics in the cabinet, you can put additional glassware, plates, clothes, or other things. 

4. Wardrobe Closet

wardrobe closet

If you’ve maxed out your closet, then it’s time to invest in a freestanding wardrobe closet. One that we found doubles as a full-length mirror. This particular product is under $100 and gets great reviews for its sturdiness.

5. Double Duty Desk

double duty desk

Here’s another idea for your small space living room. This accomplishes both needs. Desk space as well as shelf space for books, knickknacks, or plants. https://www.westelm.com/products/ladder-shelf-desk-set-narrow-h1725/

6. Bathroom Organizer

bathroom organizer

We found this organizer by Cabidor to be the perfect way to add storage to your bathroom or bedroom. When closed, it gives you a full-length mirror. Fold it open and you have a multi-shelf storage system that’s great for all the items you keep in the bathroom.  In the bedroom, you can put small items or even clothes in it. 

7. Bike Storage

bike storage

If you live in the city, chances are you have a bicycle. And chances are, you are frustrated with the amount of storage it takes up. An increase in the prevalence of wall bike racks has led to some interesting designs that make these units multi-functional. Case  in point is this cool Brooklyn bike and boar rack. Not only can you store your bike easily, it also keeps two skateboards. Very cool. 

8. Hall Storage

hall way storage

Every place in your apartment has the potential to be a storage spot. Case in point: your hallways. Meet the Beam-it-Up Storage System by Dolle UK Limited. Not only does it store your stuff, it’s stylish to boot.

9. Top of Refrigerator Storage

top of fridge storing

Another place that seems destined to be unused in your apartment is the top of your fridge. While many newer apartments have cabinets above, you may live in an older apartment where the refrigerator is a standalone. In that case, consider building a temporary storage structure like the one above. 

10. Self-Storage


If you’ve utilized all of the above storage tips and more and still need additional storage, consider renting a storage unit. Many storage facilities have storage units that range in size from 5 ft x 5 ft all the way up to 10 x 30. Most offer month-to-month rentals so you can rent storage for as short or long as you need it. Some of the things you’ll want to consider when renting storage are climate-control, security and price. 

Climate Control: Better facilities will also offer heated or climate-controlled units that will protect your belongings from heat or cold damage. 

Security: Another factor is the facility’s security. Do they have 24-hour digital video surveillance? Do they provide a unique pin code for you to use to enter the facility? Are the storage units individually-alarmed and do they have highly secure cylinder locks instead of padlocks?

Price: For many, this is the most important factor. Monthly rates for can range from as little as $30-$70 for the smallest units, to as high as $600 for an extra-large unit, depending on location and amenities.


Apartment living can be a great solution for you if you know how to maximize the space you’re renting. Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas that will get you thinking about how to make the most of your apartment.

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