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Simple Halloween Decorations to Make Your Rental Super Spooky

It’s the scariest of seasons! Get your rental into the spirit by putting up some fun Halloween decorations for apartments. You might think that you can’t decorate without damaging the walls, but don’t worry. We’ve come up with a list of quick, easy Halloween decorations to help make your apartment as spooky as it can be without losing your security deposit.

1. Creepy black plants.

This is a simple Halloween decoration which will only take a few minutes to make. Just get your hands on some fake plants and some black spray paint, and then spray your heart out. When the plants are covered all over with black paint, they’ll give you the creeps like nothing else. We bet they’d look even cooler in an orange vase painted with some bats and skulls.

2. A witchy, smoky cauldron.

If you can manage to find a big, black cauldron (like this $10 one from Party City) and fill it with dry ice, smoke will billow out of it like you’ve got a witch’s brew going right in your rental. You won’t find a decoration with a more dramatic effect than that.

3. Spook-ify your family portraits.

This is one of our sillier Halloween decorations for apartments. You can do this one with the framed pictures you have hanging around. By cutting out little witch’s hats, bats, skulls, and maybe taping on some googly eyes, you’ll give the faces in your pictures a spooky little temporary makeover. They’ll give you the heebie-jeebies every time you walk by.

4. Dress up your door.

Nothing says that a holiday is coming up like a door decoration. The easiest one to do is probably hanging a few brooms on your apartment door. If you want to go a little harder, you could always cut out a paper skeleton.

5. DIY paper bats.

If you’re feeling crafty, this is one of the best Halloween decorations for apartments we can offer you. By downloading a template and using some black construction paper, you can quickly create as many little bats as you’d like. They’ll look so spooky fluttering around your walls! Just make sure you use an adhesive which is safe for your apartment walls so that you don’t end up peeling off any paint with the tape. Painter’s tape is a good option for this, as are these poster strips. Check out the instructions to make the bats here.

halloween decorations

6. Pumpkin baskets.

This decoration is both simple and classy. All you need is a wicker basket, a bunch of pumpkins, and maybe a tall glass bottle of wine or cider. By sticking the bottle in the basket and piling your pumpkins high around it, you can create a nice seasonal decoration for any table. The effect will be even more striking if you choose pumpkins of different shapes and sizes.

7. Black lace or tulle.

You can make a number of Halloween decorations for apartments out of some black lace or tulle. Drape it around mirrors, over chairs, or on a mantle if you have one for a spine-chilling effect. On a smaller scale, you can also use it to rim cups or vases for a subtly creepy touch.

8. Literal skeletons in your closet.

If you’re looking for decorations that take no time and very little effort, this is the one for you. Buy a life-size plastic skeleton and then stick it in a closet. Whenever you open the door, it will be looking right back at you. This is definitely the punniest decoration we’ve got on the list!

9. Simple accents, like pillows and light bulbs.

Some of the easiest Halloween decorations involve simply changing out things in your apartment to add seasonal colors. By putting some orange and black pillows on your couches and chairs or hanging a string of orange and purple fairy lights, you can quickly change the atmosphere in your rental without spending too much time on it.

10. Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas.

You might associate a nice wreath with Christmas, but it’s time to change that. Did you know that there are plenty of Halloween wreaths out there? You can hang up this light-up one or this tinsel one to fill your walls with creepy cheer. If you want to try your hand at making your own DIY Halloween wreath, here’s a long list of ones you can craft yourself.

Not sure you want to bring all the decorations inside? Check out our list of best community Halloween attractions across America. Even if Halloween isn’t your thing there are lots of ways to make your apartment feel cozy this fall.

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