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Seven Secret Storage Ideas

One of the biggest challenges of apartment living is finding adequate storage. Sometimes, it is possible to create extra storage from spaces one does not usually notice or think about. Hence our title: “Secret Storage.” After this blog post, these are secrets no more!

1. Hide Keys Behind Artwork

The wall space behind artwork can be an excellent place to stash handy items, such as keys. In this example, that is exactly what is being done. Pretty clever, and harder for the wrong people to even know anything is there.

storage ideas

2. Hide Your Trash Bin

Does anybody want to highlight their trash can? I didn’t think so. More like, you want it to disappear, except when you need it. A tilt out trash bin storage cabinet fits the bill. It is handier than the traditional area under the kitchen sink. You can find lots to choose from here on Amazon.

storage ideas

3. Hide Storage In a Full-Sized Bedframe

Rather than store dust bunnies, why not have that area under your bed store something useful. Here are some storage boxes that can double as a bedframe, from IKEA. These boxes are available from many sources online, not just IKEA. But check out this web page to get the idea.

storage ideas

4. Hide Storage Behind a Headboard

Along the same lines, with the right bed headboard, you can create some not-so-obvious storage. And, hey, you can also pile stuff on top.

storage ideas

5. Install a Shelf Above a Door

This one isn’t technically “hidden.” On the other hand, who looks for storage above a bathroom door? It is a perfect place to capture some dead space. You can’t bump your head (unless you play for the NBA), but you can probably reach it well enough to get an extra towel.

storage ideas

6. Put In Some Drawer Organizers

We will give ourselves the award here for “Least Original Idea.” But that doesn’t mean it is a bad one! If you like to fish through all your junk in a drawer to find that one paper clip you remember putting there last month, then skip this idea. Otherwise, check it out.

storage ideas

7. Hide Your Toothbrushes

That is, hide them if you want to, but otherwise, just give them the good home they deserve. This is a DIY project costing next to nothing, and taking very little skill. Here’s the webpage that tells you everything you need to know.

storage ideas

Looking for more organizational ideas? Check out this post on apartment storage and this one on space savers.

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