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Seven Projects to Increase the Utility of Your Living Space

The usual image of a do-it-yourselfer is of a homeowner with a nice tool shop in the garage, and pretty elaborate (and expensive) projects underway. Please do not take that image too seriously. There are endless opportunities for ingenuity to improve apartment living too, quickly, inexpensively, and without a lot of fancy tools and space consuming work area.

Here we offer seven ideas you might find useful. In addition, many of the links below have countless other ideas to help you increase the utility of your space.

1. DIY Nightstand

This project is the soul of simplicity. Check out number six listed on this website. Find an old table, saw it in half, paint it, lean it against the wall by your bed. If you love this DIY project, check out our other DIY blog posts here.

DIY nightstand

2. Inexpensive insulation Tips

Double pane windows are expensive, and maybe your place doesn’t have them. Here’s some easy fixes to keep the cold (or the heat) from radiating so much through the windows. 

3. Rustic Storage Ladder for Bathroom

Unused space over the bathroom toilet or elsewhere in the bathroom? Or for that matter, anywhere in your apartment? Here’s a simple idea.

storage ladder saving space

4. Tips To Transform Your Bathroom

There are seemingly endless tips for making your bathroom area a more useful and attractive space. Check out this website for some ideas.

transform your bathroom space

5. Ugly Cords and How To Make Them Disappear

No, we do not have a link to a magic wand shop, but if you reach the limit of your tolerance for ugly, snarled electrical cords, here are some ideas and designs to make them disappear from view. After all, jumbled up chords are not great at increasing the utility of your space.

sorting cords

6. Easy to Make Bathroom Shelves

Shelves certainly come in handy. Here’s a design that is quite attractive, and a bit easier to install than the usual way.

bathroom shelves save space

7. Super Easy Towel Rack

This one is a variation on the storage ladder mentioned above. You can drape almost anything over it and save a significant amount of space.

towel rack to save space

Now that you’ve increased the utility of your space, you might want to look at making your living space more accessible. If you or someone you live with is differently abled, this article may help you create a more comfortable and accessible space for everyone in your home.

If you are ready to implement these fun DIY tips in a new rental, Dwellsy is here to help.

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