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Seven Handy Hacks For Pesky Little Problems

Life has its share of pesky little problems. Not earth shattering, just annoying. The kind of thing you put up with until, one day, your patience runs out. This blog is for those whose patience for some common pesky home problems has disappeared. We’ve got these seven home hacks that will bring order to potential chaos.

1. Use Binder Clips to Hold Electric Cords

Cables are everywhere nowadays, Bluetooth notwithstanding. They can be a mess. Here is a solution with ordinary binder clips, the soul of simplicity.

2. Re-purpose Legos To Store Keys and Cords

If you want to solve the same cable problem with a little more humor, read about it here, or see a short video about it below.

3. Hang a Laundry Hamper on the Back of a Closet Door

Is your bathroom space so limited that you won’t even consider fitting in a hamper? Hampers that hang from the door might change your mind. Take a look a the many home hacks available here.

4. Hang a Bike Beautifully

If you think of a bike rack as some ugly thing that exists only outdoors, you are right! Or maybe a functional device in a garage, but you are possibly thinking, “What garage? I don’t have a garage.”  But you do have a bike. It turns out there are lots of attractive ways to hang a bike indoors in an apartment. Our favorite is the “bike shelf.”  But check out all the possibilities here.

5. Make a Wooden Shoe Rack (Easily)

Shoes: Another potential realm of chaos. Another problem with multiple solutions. Here is an easy-peasy DIY shoe rack home hack that will bring your unruly shoes to heel.

6. Build a Pegboard Shoe Rack (Also Easily)

And if your shoe population reminds you more of an army than of a small group of friends, this pegboard shoe rack to line your closet walls should get your foot soldiers lined up for inspection.

7. Train Those Plastic Garbage Bags Not to Slip Into the Can!

Plastic garbage bags to line kitchen trash cans are great, except when they are not. That would be when they slip into the can for whatever reason, defeating their purpose by spilling their contents into the can itself. If that has never happened to you, lucky you, so far. If it has happened to you, I do not need to describe it further.

Now there is a super clever, super simple, super cheap fix for this problem—here.

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