Sunny, vibrant, and blooming with business opportunities, San Diego is an aspirational living place for many renters. Pacific Beach and Mission Beach bring the quintessential California boardwalk experience, with bars and restaurants facing the water. There are gorgeous museums, historic towns, surfing, and so much more.

If you’re a renter looking to move to San Diego, here are some housing statistics you may like to know.

San Diego’s Rental Market Data

Over the past year, the median rent for San Diego has risen 25%. These numbers are based on data pulled from Dwellsy’s inventory of over 12 million rental listings across the country. In March of 2021, the median rent in San Diego was $1999/mo. Last month, March 2022, the median rent was $2500/mo.

San Diego stats

This substantial rent increase is part of a nationwide rental market shift. The national median rent recorded for March 2022 was $1850/mo, which is $300 more than the median at that time last year. This means that, on average, renters in America are spending $300 more each month than they were a year ago.

One of the primary causes for this rent increase is the high demand for single-family homes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, those who can afford to make the move from multi-family housing, have moved into houses and townhomes, where they have an easier time isolating themselves and a better chance of avoiding the virus.

San Diego is one of the top 50 largest single-family rental markets in the country. In fact, the city had a total of 1,081 available single-family rentals in March 2022 with an isolated median rent of $3005/mo. This puts the median rent for single-family rentals at $505 above the total median rent for March 2022.

Dwellsy’s Inventory

As of April 2022, Dwellsy has over 1,100 available rental lisitngs in San Diego for renters to choose from. Here’s an overview of the rentals we have in San Diego:

  • 211 One-Bedrooms between $1,795 and $3,375 per month
  • 297 Two-Bedrooms between $2,400 and $4,250 per month
  • 54 Three-Bedrooms between $3,100 and $5,000 per month

About Dwellsy Data

As the largest and most inclusive rental marketplace in the country, Dwellsy has a representative sample of in-market asking rents, and our analysis reflects the actual experience of renters searching for a place in a given time period. Most other housing market datasets are focused only on premium multifamily units and have to use complex statistical modeling techniques based on data from several years ago in their attempts to replicate Dwellsy’s data.   

About Dwellsy

Dwellsy is the marketplace that renters want and deserve, a comprehensive residential home rentals marketplace based on the radical concept that true, organic search in a free eco-system creates more value than the pay-to-play model embraced by all of the current rental listing services. Dwellsy has more than 12 million residential rental home listings, more than any legacy classifieds site, and those numbers continue to rise. We also have the most diverse set of listings—including single-family rentals, condos, townhouses, and apartments at all price points.

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