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Renting an Apartment vs. a Townhouse

For most people looking for housing, the question of renting or buying is easy to answer. They know their savings and budget, making a choice easier for them. However, a trickier question is to decide on the type of housing. Most people are confused about renting an apartment or renting a townhouse. 

Deciding on which type of housing to rent can be a head-scratcher, and solutions to such tricky questions require a closer look. 

We’ve broken the decision to rent an apartment vs. a townhouse into three considerations; access to space, expense, and privacy, and weighed the pros and cons of each type of rental housing unit to make a choice easier for you. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the deciding factors so you can choose whether to rent an apartment or a townhouse. 

#1. Access to Space – Renting an Apartment vs. a Townhouse 

Perhaps the most critical consideration when deciding whether to rent an apartment or a townhouse is space. And while an 800 square feet apartment will have the same space as an 800 square feet townhouse, most people think otherwise given the differences in the layout of each housing unit. 

An apartment is designed on a single level, so you can see all the rooms on a single level. Typically, apartments are smaller than townhouses and have one or two bedrooms in a single storey. Whereas in the case of a townhouse, the covered area is divided into two floors so you may see the kitchen and living room on one level and one or two bedrooms on the other. 

If you are someone who prefers to stay at a single level so you have access to your entire residence, or you have mobility issues such as backache and knee pain that restrict your ability to climb up the stairs, then renting an apartment makes the right choice for you. 

However, if you prefer separation between your living area and your bedrooms, renting a townhouse is best for you as it separates the two major areas of your home with a flight of stairs. 

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#2. Expense – Renting an Apartment vs. Renting a Townhouse 

Another key consideration when deciding on whether to rent an apartment or a townhouse is expense. You may be comparing an apartment with a townhouse of the same size, but you will notice a significant difference in the cost of renting and other expenses associated with living in an apartment vs. a townhouse. 

Typically, renting an apartment is the most affordable solution as several individual units can reduce the average cost of maintaining individual apartments. In most cases, you might also end up paying more for renting a townhouse compared to renting an apartment. Here’s why. 

  • Townhouses typically include a small area of land that you don’t get with an apartment. As a result, the landlords may charge a higher rent for this type of housing. 
  • You can easily find an apartment as they are densely arrayed. However, that’s not the case with a townhouse. You may not easily find a townhouse as they are not as densely arranged as apartments, due to which the landlord may choose to charge a higher return on their investment. 

When you choose to rent a townhouse, you may be required to pay an association fee for the common space maintenance directly from the HOA or as part of your rent. 

However, renting a townhouse doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are instances when you pay more for renting an apartment vs. a townhouse. It may happen when you choose an apartment that’s much larger than an average-sized apartment. Moreover, you may also end up paying more for renting an apartment if you choose an apartment in an apartment building in the more expensive parts of the city. Furthermore, most apartments have shared amenities such as parking, green spaces, and pools. If such amenities are important to you while renting an apartment, you are likely to pay additional expenses. 

Generally, renting a townhouse is more expensive than renting an apartment. However, there are instances when you may end up paying more for renting an apartment.  

#3. Privacy – Renting an Apartment vs. Renting a Townhouse 

When you share a wall with someone, your privacy takes a hit. And since both townhouses and apartments have this feature, most people assume that they offer similar privacy. But that’s not the case. Upon closer examination, you will determine that renting housing units such as townhouses gives you access to a private washer and dryer, but that may not be the case with apartments. With the latter choice of housing, you may have to use a communal laundry room which may seem like an invasion of privacy for some. 

Moreover, when it comes to townhouses, there are fewer houses in a compound than an apartment building, which means fewer peeping neighbors around your townhouse than your apartment. 

Hence, renting a townhouse offers more privacy than renting an apartment. 

Final Words 

Renting an apartment may seem like a more viable option for most people looking for a rental residential unit. It is typically more affordable and gives you access to your entire home on a single story which may be a blessing for individuals with mobility issues. However, renting a townhouse brings several other benefits, such as better privacy and more space. 

So, which is a better choice; renting an apartment or a townhouse? 

The decision may not be easy, but you will figure out which one is best for you with some careful consideration. 

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