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Rent Matters

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Rent Matters is a podcast that features true stories from real-life renters. Since its inception, Rent Matters has featured an array of renters with a myriad of different backgrounds, and we’ve even featured property managers and other rental industry professionals. Our goal for this podcast is to provide an easy and accessible resource for renters to share their experiences and get quality advice for finding rentals and renting efficiently.

When the Dwellsy team set out to make an original podcast, we knew we wanted to create a platform that renters could use to elevate their voices, so we’re regularly looking for renters to feature. If you are a renter or someone with experience in the rental housing industry, fill out the form below for the chance to be our next guest. Enter your information for the chance to be our next guest on Rent Matters or email us at rentmatters@dwellsy.com.

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Meet the Rent Matters Host


Jonas is the CEO and co-founder of Dwellsy and has been around the rental business for many years.  He’s been a renter many, many times and has some crazy stories to tell, and he’s been a landlord too – both on a small scale and a huge scale – before starting Dwellsy he was responsible for 60,000 apartments at a public REIT. 

He’s taken that insider knowledge and put it to use to build Dwellsy, the nation’s preeminent marketplace for rental housing, and to help renters get an edge and find a great place to live more quickly, more efficiently, and more safely.


About Dwellsy

Rent Matters is a Dwellsy-sponsored podcast, but what is Dwellsy? Dwellsy is a home rental platform where renters can find houses, townhomes, condos, and apartments for rent. Dwellsy is different from other sites because we don’t charge listing, lease, or lead fees. None. Dwellsy offers the benefit of organic search results that put the renter front and center. Dwellsy is built for Renters. Find your next rental home on Dwellsy.

Check out Dwellsy’s blog for renting tips, rental market updates, renter-friendly home decor, and more!

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