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Plant Options for Apartments and Condos

Houseplants are a great way to liven up your home. They improve your mood and the air quality around you. While you may think that you need a large space to grow houseplants, nothing could be further from the truth. Just like our homes, plants come in several shapes and sizes. Even if you live in a small space, an apartment, or a condo, you can still find some great houseplants that can fit well even in the most petite homes. 

But before we get into the details of some of the best plant options for apartments and condos, let’s look at what you should consider before you get a plant for your apartment or condo. 

What You Should Consider When Choosing Plants for Apartments and Condos

Whenever you visit a nursery or go to IKEA, you are more inclined to get a houseplant that looks nice and fancy. But when it comes to choosing plants for apartments and condos, you shouldn’t only consider the plant’s aesthetic appeal. Instead, you should carefully consider the plant’s maintenance needs, its requirement for sunlight and water, and how large it will grow.

Some of the best plants for apartments and condos have the following features, which make them the best choice for small spaces. 

  • Plants for apartments and condos are relatively low on maintenance, which means they have less frequent watering needs and require fertilizer occasionally. 
  • Houseplants that are best suited for apartments and condos often do not shed leaves and can bloom everywhere. 
  • Small plants for apartments and condos often produce flowers, but the flowers do not have an overwhelming fragrance. 
  • Houseplants that grow indoors have relatively low lighting needs and can thrive indoors. 

Now that you know about some of the key features that houseplants often have and factors you should consider before getting one for your apartment or condo, let’s look at plant options that make a great choice for your apartment or condo.

snake plant

#1. Pothos

One of the most common plant options for apartments and condos is pothos. The leafy green plant has low watering needs and can thrive in low to medium light levels. Its green leaves can continue to accent higher up in your apartment or condo and can reach several feet from the plant’s crown if left untrimmed. Hence, pothos can be a great choice of plant options for apartments and condos as a potted plant, which is also perfect for hanging baskets. 

Another great feature of this houseplant is its exceptional air purifying qualities. The plant absorbs the toxins found in the indoor air, such as formaldehyde, commonly found in house areas with carpets and rugs. 

#2. Snake Plant 

Another great plant option for apartments and condos is the snake plant, one of the most tolerant plants you can grow in your home. The plant can withstand neglect for weeks, making it an ideal leafy green for apartments and condos. 

Snake plants have low light and watering needs and can maintain their green, fresh look with low light and water. Another great benefit of having a snake plant as a houseplant for your apartment or condo is that it helps improve the air quality in your home. With snake plants around, you can remove toxins from your home, such as formaldehyde and benzene, often found in household items such as carpets. 

However, when growing snake plants in your apartment and condos, it’s important to remember that while the plant can grow in low light conditions, persistent low light can affect the leaves color. 

#3. Iron Plant 

Iron plant, also known as cast iron plant, is another hardy plant that you can grow in apartments and condos. Most homeowners prefer iron plants for apartments and condos as they can survive even in the most extreme conditions. 

The plant grows well in low light conditions and has occasional watering needs, making it one of the best choices for houseplants. However, it is good to provide plenty of water to this plant, especially during the dry period. Another interesting feature about this houseplant is that it doesn’t attract any insects and is also disease-resistant. So if you are looking for a house plant option that can thrive well in your apartment or condo, then an iron plant makes your best bet. 

#4. Cacti 

If you are looking for variety in plants for apartments and condos, then it is a good idea to invest in a few cacti. You can find several different cacti shapes and sizes that make a lovely addition to a small space. Its ease of maintenance and ability to survive in harsh conditions make it one of the top choices for houseplants. All you need is a window to place your cacti, and you can see it thrive effortlessly. 

#5. Succulents 

Succulents make another popular choice for plants for apartments and condos. The small, low-maintenance plants have low light and water needs and, not to forget, some amazing looks. And given their indoor-friendly features, succulents have gained popularity as houseplants in the last few years. 

All you need to keep your succulents happy and healthy is a little sunshine and water once every other month, and they can stay with you for years. 

Final Words 

Choosing the right plants for your apartments and condos may be a tough choice, especially if you are new to plants. But by considering the maintenance needs of the plant, its requirement for sunlight and water, and how large it will grow, you can choose the right plants for apartments and condos and enjoy the greenery in your home.  

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