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NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show & Dwellsy — Team Up To Do Good

Hey Y’All! Dwellsy did some good this week on behalf of a renter who hit a rough patch.

Meet the extraordinary Brianna!

Through a story featured in a Los Angeles news broadcast, The Kelly Clarkson Show learned about a single mom with six children who came upon some tough times.

She hit a rough patch and was evicted from her home. Eviction represents disruption. A disruption to a foundation upon which life builds. When you can no longer call where you live home, every facet of life gets interrupted. Eviction due to financial hardship is just one symptom of the housing crisis that is affecting our country.

Amid this very difficult situation, Brianna and her family are facing, she doesn’t consider this hurdle insurmountable. In her own words, “You just figure it out.” She doesn’t focus on the hard parts and instead counts the blessings of goodness she has in her six healthy kids.

We think Brianna is remarkable!

We applaud Brianna’s commitment to her family in providing them with a temporary home. Not only has she been supporting each and every one of her children while also maintaining her responsibilities as the attendance clerk at High Desert School in Acton, she’s also been involved in coaching various team sports.

Brianna has cultivated a community of support that has wrapped their arms around her with love and goodness.

Dwellsy wanted to become part of Brianna’s community, her “tribe.” We want to assist in bringing her to the finish line of finding a more permanent home. As we strive to do well as a company, it’s more important to us that we do good.

Here’s an extended clip that tells more of Brianna’s story.

People love The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly gets it. She gets people. She gets real people. Kelly had to work hard for her success, and as such, she connects with those who have struggled to make it. She also gets how hard it is to be a mom. Especially — a working mom.

Her talk show melts people’s hearts and heaven help you if you’re not in tears in nearly every show.

She’s got a segment, the #goodneighborchallenge. It encourages her audience, the viewers, and all of us — to step outside of ourselves. Our isolated worlds. To connect. To make contact. To do good. To show those around us that we see them. We understand them. That their struggle is not all that different from our own.

Whether it be a small act such as helping a neighbor’s daughter get onto the school bus each morning, or a family setting up a teepee in their backyard to provide families with rent-free space to reset and recenter — Kelly honors these gestures through her show.

In a world that can at times feel chaotic and disconnected, those closest to us, our neighbors, have the ability to transform the life of another through acts of goodness.

So, where does Ben Affleck come in?

He’s promoting his new movie, The Way Back; a story about a former high school basketball star who overcomes addiction while coaching a struggling basketball team.

Here’s the trailer.

The Way Back

Back to what? Back to our families? Back to providing for those in our care? Back to our communities? Back to a spirit of goodness? It’s all of those things, but most importantly — back to ourselves. Our authentic selves.

Life can get in the way and knock us off our path. For some, addiction sidelines us. For others, it can be a loss. The loss of life, the loss of a marriage or relationship, the loss of a home, or perhaps the loss of a job. Each of these life events impacts us. They can cause us to stumble, or they can completely take our breath away. Regardless, the road upon which we were traveling is forever altered.

Ben knows what it’s like to get knocked down and get back up.

This was a deeply personal project for Ben. He dug down into his own emotions and sought to access reservoirs in his soul that reflected his loss of hope, but that ultimately led him to triumph, as well.

By focusing on the success of others, by being a leader of young men, his character, Jack Cunningham, found redemption through contributing goodness to others. This outward facing mindset didn’t only serve Jack, it also provided a path towards healing for Ben Affleck, himself. In this New York Times article, Ben shared, “But you’ve got to pick yourself up, learn from it, learn some more, try to move forward.”

Let’s keep the goodness going!

The Dwellsy Team has been deeply touched by this whole experience and we want to keep giving. We believe we can do well, and do good.

Participate in our raffle to win a movie night for you and six of your friends, or family.

Why 7 tickets? Two reasons. The 7 represents Brianna and her six children. It’s also Dwellsy’s favorite number, the count of letters in our name.

We can’t wait to see who wins!

See the details below and the giveaway rules here.

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