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Into the Corner Office Podcast with Special Guest Jonas Bordo

Dwellsy CEO Jonas Bordo had the exceptional opportunity to speak with Brandt Handley on his popular business podcast Into the Corner Office. In this particular episode, Jonas talks about the individuals who inspired him to start his own business and the challenges of running a start-up remotely.

Brandt Handley has hosted over one hundred episodes of Into the Corner Office over the past few years, in addition to serving as the founder and managing director of Resource Options International, Inc. or ROI. ROI is an Executive Search Firm that works to serve the United States Middle Market Firms. 

Our team here at Dwellsy is so proud to have one of our own representing us on such a renowned platform. A huge thank you to Brandt Handly and ROI for making this happen. Give this podcast a listen here.  

Podcast with jonas

A Brief Description of “Into the Corner Office”

ROI’s Into the Corner Office podcast showcases middle market CEOs’ leadership stories and dives into the heart of what helps shape dynamic leaders. Guests share their backgrounds, talk about their early years, and discuss what helped shape them before they were known for their success in growing, developing, and leading extraordinary middle market companies and teams. Listen as they tell their own middle market executive leadership stories – straight up and right Into the Corner Office.

About Our CEO Jonas Bordo

Jonas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dwellsy, the largest U.S. rentals marketplace. Jonas is a lifelong advocate for renters and the co-founder of Dwellsy. He created Dwellsy in hopes of providing a platform that truly supports renters in their search for a new place. Jonas also acts as the host for a Dwellsy-sponsored podcast called Rent Matters, which focuses on centering renters’ voices.

What can I expect from an episode of Rent Matters?

At the very least, you can expect laughter and engaging conversation from each and every episode. Aside from having a variety of diverse topics, Rent Matters also features a range of remarkably interesting guests with experience renting. Jonas Bordo does an exceptional job making every episode feel genial and genuine. If you’re looking for a monotonous podcast to put you to sleep, Rent Matters is not the one for you.

Although episodes of Rent Matters are deeply informative, they are also earnest and heartfelt. There is a mutual understanding between host and audience that a rental is more than just a roof over your head. It is a home that provides peace and comfort even during the most trying times. Rent Matters is here to help people find exactly that.

Be Our Guest

We are constantly looking for new people to interview on Rent Matters, so if you want to share your renting tips and stories with the world, shoot us an email! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you and provide more details about our recording process.

About Dwellsy

Rent Matters is a Dwellsy-sponsored podcast, but what is Dwellsy? Dwellsy is a home rental platform where renters can find houses, townhomes, condos, and apartments?—?for rent. Dwellsy is different from other sites because we don’t charge any listing fees, lease fees, or lead fees. None. Dwellsy offers the benefit of organic search results that put the renter front and center. Dwellsy is built for Renters. To find your next apartment or house for rent visit https://dwellsy.com

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