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8 Ways to Make Your Apartment Cozy for the Fall

Fall is here, which means that the weather will only get colder. You might have the urge to retreat into sweaters, leaf piles, and mugs of apple cider––we know we want to. Why not give your rental a fall makeover to get it ready for the chilly weather? We have some fun tips to help you make your apartment as cozy as can be:

1. Never underestimate the power of fairy lights, lamps, and candles.

Lighting is of the essence, and dim lighting will give your apartment the cozy vibes you’re looking for. Instead of using your overhead lights, try using your lamps. If you want to go the extra mile, invest in some candles or string up your holiday lights for a soft glow.

2. Display your blankets.

Instead of leaving your blankets tucked in a closet or sprawled across your bed, fold them across the back of your couch or a chair. This is an easy way to make your apartment cozy without spending any extra cash. It will make your communal spaces look as warm and inviting as they can, and your guests will definitely make use of your blankets as the weather turns.

3. Make use of a nice big rug.

Nothing says comfy like a thick rug underneath your feet. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to get a nice rug, you could try thrifting one instead of buying one new. Look for “high pile” rugs in particular––these are the thicker kind of rug, and they have nice high loops. Having one on the floor in your communal space will make your apartment cozy, and it will be very welcome on your feet at the end of a cold day.

4. Make a cozy nook with your most comfortable chair.

If you’ve got a favorite chair, dress it up for the fall! This could just involve covering it with pillows and blankets, but you could also keep a nice high pile of good books on a table right next to it. Add a little hot chocolate and that nook becomes a prime stay-in situation on a cold, windy autumn day.

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5. Keep things clean.

It might seem obvious, but it’s probably still worth mentioning that making your apartment cozy will likely involve keeping it decluttered. You don’t want any dust bunnies bothering you when you’re trying to get into some amazing homey cold weather vibes. Do yourself a favor and keep your spaces clean so that they don’t become just another stressful thing in your life.

6. Fill your space with your favorite scents.

Some of the things you can use to make your apartment cozy are invisible. Scent can be such a powerful tool in creating an atmosphere, and it’s easy to use it to your advantage. Some pumpkin spice candles or air fresheners will fill the air with the familiar, warm scents of fall. You could even do yourself a favor and bake some fresh cookies or donuts to make the air of your apartment even more delicious.

7. Give some accent pieces a try.

It can be hard, time-consuming, and expensive to redo the color palette of your rental when you’ve lived there for a while. Fortunately, giving your apartment a little autumnal flare can be as simple as adding a few accent pieces to what’s already in your living room. These can be pillows, knick knacks on countertops, tablecloths, and other such small items. Look for browns, oranges, beiges, and grays to create a lovely fall color palette.

8. Go green with a few plants.

Whether it’s a few small succulents or a large vine, plants can make any apartment cozy. Pick ones which are in line with the amount of space you have to spare, and be careful to make sure that you get them the sunlight and water that they need. If you don’t think you can make the time to take care of them, no worries––there are lots of fake plants out there to fill all of your greenery needs. You’ll be surprised at how much they can brighten up a room.   

Getting ready for the cold weather is so much fun, and it can involve so much more than a wardrobe change. Your rental should feel like home during every season, and we hope this list of tips helps you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere whether you have guests over or you’re just spending a night in. If you’re looking for even more decor inspiration, you can find it here.

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