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How Do Large Apartment Communities Handle Package Deliveries?

Receiving packages you ordered online can be incredibly exciting! This is especially true during the holiday season. But when you live in a large apartment community, the excitement can quickly vanish as packages are sometimes lost and never recovered.

They have particular systems in place that can leave both the tenant and the delivery people super confused. If you’ve recently moved into a large apartment community or are planning to, find out their rules about package deliveries.

Apartment Community Handling Methods for Package Deliveries 

Apart from the fear of your package being stolen or damaged, a greater issue at hand is the apartment’s policy regarding packages. In some cases, landlords refuse to accept package deliveries, which is quite unfair for tenants, but there’s very little you can do about it.

The main reason why some apartment communities have strict policies in this regard is that it’s hard to manage these situations in large building complexes.

Take a 250-unit building, for instance. They are likely to receive as many as 50 packages a day, more during seasons.

However, it varies from one apartment community to the other. Some apartments do have proper systems in place where you can easily get your packages delivered. That is ideal for most renters, given you are less likely to lose your parcels. 

Take a look at how most apartments handle package deliveries.

Common Areas for Package Storage 

Many apartments have a specific area of the building reserved for packages, typically referred to as ‘package storage.’ All package deliveries are directed towards that area where there’s likely to be proper security in place. So, when you are expecting a package, you can refer to the storage space and look for your parcel there.

Storage Lockers

If not package storage spaces, many apartments opt for storage lockers. These are usually built in rows with panels between each locker.

The lockers offer secure and safe storage space for tenants to have their packages delivered.

The delivery service typically leaves your package in those lockers, after which you can retrieve it.

On-Site Management Office 

Another way large apartment communities handle package deliveries is having a concierge or an on-site management office. If your apartment has one, you are very lucky!

Most concierges offer package services, and they hold on to package deliveries and keep them safe till you collect it from them.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your package being lost or stolen.

How to Get Your Package Delivered to Your Apartment 

In case your apartment community doesn’t have a system in place for package deliveries, there are a few different things you can do.

Befriend Your Neighbors 

This might sound like quite a challenging task in a large apartment community, but you can still give it a go. Get to know your neighbors and find out who tends to be home more frequently than others. 

This way, they can look out for your packages and hold on to ones that are left at your door in times when you are away or are running late from work, for instance. Thank them for their kind favor and ask them if there’s anything you can do in return.

Get Your Package Delivered Elsewhere 

If you have one of those 9-5 jobs and are away from home for the most part of the day and you know that you won’t be available to receive your parcel, you have an option to get your package delivered elsewhere. Perhaps, you can get it sent to your workplace or a friend’s house and can easily collect it from there later.

package delivery

Try Amazon Locker

If all else fails, you can give amazon locker a try, especially if you order from Amazon often.

This is an amazing package delivery self-service that can retrieve your parcels from specific Amazon Lockers located in places like supermarkets, banks, etc.

All you have to do is select your preferred locker location where you want the package to be delivered. Once you arrive there, you can retrieve it by entering a unique code on the touch screen of the locker.

Request a Specific Delivery Time Slot 

Some courier services are quite flexible, and they allow customers to choose their own preferred time slots. If you can, request a specific time slot when you are sure you will be available to receive the parcel.

That way, you can be in for the delivery and personally receive your parcel in a safe and sound manner.

Make Signature a Requirement 

When ordering something online, you can consider requiring a signature, especially if it is something expensive. In case you aren’t home during a delivery, the courier service will probably leave you a note or email. You can then ask them to deliver some other day at a more convenient time

Are You Looking for A Rental Apartment Community?

If you happen to be looking for a rental apartment community, take a look at what’s available at Dwellsy. You will find many options as per your living requirements and preferences. Once you shortlist your options, you can ask if they have specific rules or regulations for package delivery.

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