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Hard to Find Rentals, Made Easy

Dwellsy.com makes it easy to find “hard to find” rentals. What is a “hard to find” rental? This exchange between Nick and Erika reveals the complexities of finding a rental worth making your home.


A gathering of people from different walks of life and professions. Two of them strangers — meeting for the first time.


?? Nice to meet you, Nick. I heard you just moved to the area. How’s the move going?

?? There is NOTHING fun about moving! The packing, the schlepping, the whole finding a new place to live. Ugh. I look forward to settling in.

?? I hear you. What was the hardest part?

?? Finding a rental. I’ve got a dog. I didn’t want a super long commute to work. A washer and dryer are necessities because I wasn’t about to spend hours at a laundromat every week. I also have a truck — so I needed parking. But enough about me. What’s your story?

hard to find rental truck

What is Dwellsy?

?? Funny you should ask. I work for a company named Dwellsy. We make it easier for renters to find hard-to-find rentals.

?? Aren’t there already a bunch of companies that do that?

?? Oh, there ARE websites. National ones and lots of local ones too. But none effectively help renters find hard-to-find rentals. I bet I can identify 3 of the four that you used.

?? How’d you know I used 4 different ones?

hard to find rentals boom

?? We’ve done our research. You probably used the “big three” in the pay-to-play arena and maybe one other contender.

?? You HAVE done your research.

What makes Dwellsy different?

?? Now let me tell you what you likely experienced.
?? One site catered to those with hefty budgets, single-family homes, and advertises unique properties that you’d find at the top of a snow-covered mountain. Yet when you search for places a “real” person could afford, inventory is quite limited. That hard-to-find rental that was just right for you remained buried in the massive haystack with the others.
?? Another site probably dazzled you with a seemingly huge inventory of apartments, but when you clicked past the 3rd page of listings, everything was labeled unavailable. Helloooo, why would someone actively looking for a rental want to see what they can’t rent!?!?!?

?? Yes, and yes. You’re on a roll!

?? You also probably stumbled upon one site that made you go through an exhaustive survey. IF you completed all the questions and didn’t abandon it out of sheer frustration, what you got in return was a list without transparency. You couldn’t access the whole inventory, only what was deemed a fit. And then — you were pestered daily with email suggestions. None of which met your hard to find rental criteria.

?? NICE! So how does Dwellsy make is easy? And, what exactly is a hard to find rental? I’m pretty low maintenance. One bedroom. Allows for dogs. Within my budget. It’s not rocket science.


We make the rent-hunting easy!

?? Let’s start with understanding what a hard to find rental is. You said you’re low maintenance, but you also said you need an in unit washer/dryer and you want parking. I count five amenities that you’re looking for. Are these needs, or wants?

?? Well, a rental property that welcomes my dog, a need. I guess the rest are wants.

dwellsy match

?? We are the only rental search tool that offers “fuzzy matches.” Meaning, you said you want a washer & dryer inside your apartment. If you mark it as a want, but not a need, it will look for any amenity that mentions the amenity and will assign it a score.

?? So that’s it. Amenity selection is Dwellsy’s thing?

?? Nope, that’s just the beginning. And, we’re just getting started. Because we don’t charge owners/landlords or property management companies for listings, we’re going to ultimately have the largest inventory of rental properties across the country. And, we’re going to be certified organic.


?? Whaaaaat?!?! You’re not a food company, how can you be organic?

?? You produce something “organic” without the use of artificial agents. When you use Dwellsy, we deliver your search results to you with only one factor in mind. You. The Renter. Dwellsy is built for renters. We only serve up rentals that meet your criteria, not what someone paid to show you.


?? Nice! So how do I get to Dwellsy? I gotta tell my buddy about it because he’s looking for a place right now.

To find a rental and make it home, go to Dwellsy.com.


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