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Great Space Savers for Small Rentals

Small rentals and studio apartments are abundant in many large and popular cities across the country. Even though these are great for accommodating large, concentrated populations, they have one main challenge – the lack of space. The key is to find some great space savers that you can use to organize and decorate. So, how do you do that? The solution is to use the available space in the rental smartly and to be organized. 

Here is a list of some great space savers for small rentals. Check it out.

Space Saving Bedroom Sets

A wonderful way to utilize space efficiently is by using compressed furniture that can fit all your belongings. Opt for furniture pieces that come with an inbuilt bookshelf, storage space, bed, wardrobe, dining table, or corner couch.

This will help you get rid of space constraints and make you feel like you are living in a spacious house where there is ample room to move around.

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Elevated Platforms

If you are looking for some great space savers for your studio apartment, you should definitely focus more on the walls and ceilings of your rental. Many people only consider the total floor area and assume that their rental does not have a sufficient amount of space, labeling it as “small.” They do not notice the length of the ceilings and walls, nor do they consider the countless opportunities that can come as a result of these spaces. 

If your rental has high ceilings, consider purchasing lofted beds and storage compartments to store beneath it. This will provide extra storage and help free up floor space.

Multipurpose Designs

Instead of cramming your limited space with tons of furniture, try investing in just a few multi-purpose pieces. You will find loads of options on the market that serve as dining tables, workspaces, shelving, etc. Foldable desks, convertible couches, kitchen islands, and vertically stacked shelving are all very helpful space savers.

Additional Storage Space

Things can start to get out of control in small rentals due to clutter. When you don’t have much room, it’s easy to start stuffing your belongings wherever they’ll fit. This can become a problem as you start to settle into your new place, and you can’t find anything.

Spare yourself the frustration of digging around for your things. Try adding some extra shelves on the walls to hold cutlery, books, shoes, jewelry, or even décor pieces. There are many tasteful design options for storing your belongings on walls that save space and add a decorative flair. You can find many different shelves and containers in the market that do the job well while making your room look aesthetically pleasing and charming.

Appropriately Sized Furniture

When you move into a small rental, learn to accept that you don’t have room for multitudes of large furniture. The key is to focus on basic design principles, such as proportion and scale. This means that all your furniture items must be proportionate to the size of your room without making it feel overcrowded or cramped. 

Even though you may feel extremely tempted to get a huge three-piece armchair for your rental, it may not be the smartest idea. Instead, you could get a compact and snug couch that will look good while fitting into your small space. Remember, just because your apartment is small does not mean that you cannot find exclusive small pieces that go well with the aesthetic of your rental. It’s all about finding the correct items!

Final Note

With these great space savers for small rentals, we are confident that you will be able to transform your apartment into an efficient yet beautiful space. Look around for furniture pieces that fall in your budget, and start planning today!

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