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Finding Comfort in Your Home with Stress at Your Door

During this global pandemic you may feel as though stressors are lurking around every corner. It is hard to turn on your TV or look at your phone without being bombarded by bad news. In this midst of all this chaos, our team here at Dwellsy wants to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself. As many of us have spent the past few months trapped indoors, we have come to associate our homes with feelings of isolation and helplessness. Here are some tips on how to reclaim your space and find comfort in your home once again.

1. Unplug Unnecessary Outlets and Give Yourself a Digital Detox

It is important to stay up-to-date on the latest news, but the constant influx of information can become overwhelming. Consider adding a screen limit on your phone or laptop to better control your daily media intake. When you limit your screen time, you can stay informed without allowing the news to dominate your day.

1 unplug

2. Hone in Your Creative Skills

Whether it’s working on DIY projects to decorate your home or taking up a new artistic medium, engaging in creative projects can help you take your mind off of stressors and troubling topics. Studies show that art allows us to express and process emotions that are too difficult to put into words, during a time like this we could all use a little creative boost. If you’re looking for a new art project to take up, check out our DIY blog posts.

2 get creative

3. Let Plants Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Although plants make for cute home accessories, they also double as fantastic stress relievers. Scientists have proven that spending time around nature can drastically improve your mood and minimize mental fatigue and anxiety. When you livening up your house with some fresh and exciting foliage, it can make a world of difference. You don’t have to have a spacious backyard either, there are many plant varieties that thrive indoors and take up minimal space. Click here for some advice on plant management. 

3 incorporate plants

4. A Little Natural Light Goes a Long Way

Because we’ve spent the past few months indoors, most of us haven’t received nearly as much sunlight as we normally do. Studies show that a lack of natural light can negatively impact your mood and your ability to focus. It may even decrease your quality of sleep. Push open your curtains and brighten up your house, the key to finding comfort in your home might be right outside your window.

4 add natural light

5. Bring in Happy Memories

It is difficult spending time physically apart from friends and family, but there are plenty of creative ways to bridge the gap. One easy way to keep your loved ones close is to surround yourself with happy memories. Take some time to go through old scrapbooks and put some of your favorite photos up around your home. Consider coordinating virtual meetings with the people that matter most to you.

5 finding comforting photos

6. Incorporate Pleasing Scents

Surrounding yourself with your favorite scents can help you bring comfort back into your home. When you utilize candles and essential oils, you introduce a calming air into your home. A positive thing about candles and essential oils is that they are easy to order online, so that you can avoid the stress of going to the store. You can even get creative. Try picking a sweet-smelling bouquet of flowers when you’re out on your daily walk or cooking up one of your favorite meals to fill your rental with happy scents.

6 find pleasing scents

7. Declutter and Reclaim Your Space 

Sometimes the first step towards clearing your mind is clearing your desk. Take a look at that daunting pile of paperwork and clutter that you’ve come to ignore, and transform it into a space that brings you peace of mind. There are lots of overwhelming things going on in the world right now, when you find comfort in your home you are better equipped to handle some of those stressors. Check out some of our tips on how to declutter here.

7 declutter to find comfort

Although making these slight changes can bring comfort back into your home and positively impact your emotional health, they will not fix everything. If you are experiencing overwhelming sadness, stress or anxiety please don’t hesitate to utilize some of the resources listed below.

Visit the Disaster Distress Helpline, call 1-800-985-5990, or text TalkWithUs to 66746

Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline, or call 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224

If you are looking for online therapy services, consider utilizing BetterHelp. They can match you with one of 9,000 licensed therapists anywhere in the country.

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