What does it mean that Dwellsy is “built for renters?” It means renters are our why. And as Simon Sinek encourages, before you can get to the how and what, you must start with why.

During the holidays, this cover image cycled through a collection of welcome photos when visiting the Dwellsy.com home rental website.

What is Dwellsy? A dating site?

We’re a home rental search platform.

Here is a tapestry of some additional photos in the landing page rotation.

built for renters tapestry

So, you’re a cooking site?

We’re a marketplace where rental seekers can find their new home.

Oh, you’re a site for dog lovers?

There are few things more personal than one’s home. We’re helping people find rentals to make their own.

Well then!
First — Why are you showcasing people instead of places?
And — Where are all the pictures of the rentals that Dwellsy is listing?

Great questions! The quick answer, because we’re built for RENTERS.

Let’s start with why we display images depicting the beautiful diversity of the human experience.

A rental is just a space when it’s vacant.
To transform a rental into a home, it needs to be inhabited by renters.
Dwellsy is a rental platform, BUILT FOR RENTERS.
Renters from all walks of life.

Singles. Couples. Families. Friends. Young adults. Seniors. Extroverts. Introverts. Dog lovers. Cat lovers. Not pet people. And more…

Aren’t all rental websites built for “renters?”

No. They’re actually not.

They’re built to showcase properties that people have paid lots of money to show you.

Try this:

  1. Go to any familiar rental search website other than Dwellsy.
  2. Type in the name of a town or city.
  3. As you review the rentals, ask yourself these questions:
    •Is the count of properties listed readily displayed without searching for it? Does the site report a count in one place that doesn’t correlate to the count of results you are being shown?
    •Are some properties displayed on the map with different icons? Why? If it is because they are unavailable? Why would you want to see what’s not on the market?
    •How many pages of listings are there? Are the sizes and qualities of the images on the first pages delivered to you different than those on later pages? Why do the images diminish in size the further down you go in reviewing results? Why are the listings on page 5 and beyond not available? Again, why would a renter want to see what they can’t rent?

Now let’s take a look at the Dwellsy experience. The “Built for Renters” experience.

Type an address or location into the search box and the rentals will be revealed.

built for renters mobile
built for renters property search

You don’t have to go through an exhaustive questionnaire before being shown the rentals available.

The count of listings is clearly displayed in the top left above the first image.

Until you specify your search criteria, the Dwellsy algorithm democratizes the listings by showing them to you in a random order. Rentals are not promoted to you based on how much someone paid us to show them to you. Why not? Because we don’t charge for listings, leases signed, nor rental property outreach.

Specify any of the following: price range, your bed/bath count, square feet, move in date… and we’ll re-order the listings based on a Dwellsy Match score.

It’s that simple. You tell us what you are looking for. Your needs. Your wants. We show you results. There is no other interference. Dwellsy is simply built for renters.

Back to that dating question!

While we’re not a website that will match you with a life partner…

We are a website that is built to match renters with rentals.

We do this by being transparent.

We do this by curating a collection of high quality listings that you can trust.

We do this by prioritizing the renter’s needs first above all else.

And, we’re just getting started! New listings are being added everyday.

Check out Dwellsy.com to find a rental and make it home.

Learn more about Dwellsy here.