The lively atmosphere and the bustling life of the state of Pennsylvania are just two of the hundreds of reasons why people love living here. It’s also brimming with culture, arts, and history, making it one of the best places to live. 

But more than that, the level of education found in this state is top-notch and unmatchable. Some of the best colleges and universities are present at Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pittsburgh, to name a few.

When it comes to education, one simply can’t fail to mention Philadelphia, the largest city in the state, and also one of the best college cities that you will find in Pennsylvania.

The city offers a student-friendly feel, and all its colleges and universities have something unique to offer on their own.

Even when it comes to finding a place to live, including student apartments and affordable rentals, Philly certainly won’t disappoint you. If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior that is considering studying in this beautiful city, we have some of the best student-friendly and rental-friendly community options for you. Here are some of the best college communities in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Colleges and Universities Galore

Philly is home to as many as 115 public and private universities and colleges, which provides a great opportunity for students to pick and choose according to their academic interests.

Interestingly, there’s even a neighborhood in this city that goes by the name “University City,” where you find a number of top-ranking universities.

If you are looking to study in Philadelphia and searching for ideal renter-friendly communities at the same time, use this guide to help you shortlist a few options.

1. University City

This area is located in West Philadelphia towards the easternmost portion. The unique name of this neighborhood mostly has to do with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) found here, which played its part in coining that name.

Penn is undoubtedly one of the top-ranking universities in the city, so there’s no surprise as to why so many students apply here.

A major plus point of studying here is the neighborhood, which offers many options for students who are looking for off-campus housing. This makes University City one of the most student-friendly college communities in the city.

2. Rittenhouse Square

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square is in close proximity to University City and an equally preferred choice among students and young professionals.

While it’s more of a high-end neighborhood, you can manage to find apartments and rentals in this part of the city quite easily.

One of the major advantages offered by Rittenhouse Square is short and healthy commutes to working and studying in the city, with University City present within walking distance! This is a massive plus point for students studying at the University of Pennsylvania as they can easily travel back and forth.

3. Filter Square

Known as quite a family-friendly residential neighborhood in Philadelphia, Filter Square also attracts students of colleges and universities because of how developed it is.

It offers a dense urban feel, and many of the streets and corners of this neighborhood have a number of apartments and places for rentals that particularly cater to students, whether single or in groups.

4. Center City 

As the name suggests, Center City is one of the most central neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It is home to some of the tallest buildings in the city and is also known to be a foodie’s paradise.

Center City has quite a student-friendly feel to it, and if you happen to get into the University of Pennsylvania, this neighborhood is a great option for you to consider. You are likely to find some decent off-campus student apartments here with affordable rentals.

Center City is also home to Thomas Jefferson University, another top-ranking city in Philadelphia. It is the ultimate choice of university for higher education, where it aims to provide experiential learning, extensive research, hands-on experiences, and unrivaled innovation.

Center City is undoubtedly a great option to start looking for rentals and apartments, but there are many other close-by renter-friendly communities that you can consider.

Center City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

5. Logan Square 

This neighborhood is almost 7 minutes away from Center City, making it a convenient living option for students studying at Thomas Jefferson University.

There are multiple apartments for rent in this part of the city where you can easily find single-bedrooms or shared spaces with other university and college students.

What makes it a student-friendly community isn’t just its short distance from campus and low rental options, but also great access to many basic facilities and amenities.

6. Old City

True to its name, Old City is quite a historic neighborhood in and is full of history and culture. It is easily one of the best college communities in Philadelphia.

It’s simply a great place to live mainly owing to how clean, calm, and safe it is. There are many students residing in this neighborhood, which suggests that it has a nice student-friendly touch to it.

The best part about Old City is that living here doesn’t require a car or proper transport; it’s quite livable, and you will easily be able to walk back and forth between your apartment and university without any problems.

Find an Affordable Place to Rent In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There’s no denying the fact that Philadelphia is more of a high-end city, given how amazingly developed it is and continues to evolve in today’s time. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great place for university and college students.

The neighborhoods mentioned above, along with many others, offer numerous housing options for students with decent apartments and affordable rentals.

There are many online platforms that you can refer to in order to shortlist a few apartments and renter-friendly communities in Philadelphia. If you happen to be coming to Philly from another city in the country, you can always ask around for recommendations and get in touch with the student community to be able to find out the best area for you to live in.

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