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Best College Communities in Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois, is the third-largest city in the country, and naturally, it has a lot to offer. Beyond its exotic culinary affairs, and entertainment opportunities, Chicago is also known to be one of the biggest college cities.

It is home to approximately 148 colleges and universities that you’ll easily find within a 25-mile radius.

The city has so much to offer students that you are likely to find more than one college that suits your needs.

One of the best things about this big city is that it has a number of student-friendly college communities for those looking for reasonable apartments and rentals near their preferred choice of school. Not only will you be able to find a nice place to rent, but also get access to plenty of amenities to make your educational experience memorable in all aspects.

Chicago, Illinois – Not Your Average College Experience 

If you ask anyone who has studied in Chicago, they’ll tell you that it’s anything but your average college experience!

From sophomores to seniors, it has so much to offer to students in terms of its wonderful colleges and universities.

From numerous programs and courses to an overall exciting and memorable student life, you will find a complete package here.

Whether you live in Chicago or are considering moving here from another city for educational purposes, we have some great suggestions for the best student-friendly and renter-friendly college communities for you that are worth considering.

1. Glen Ellyn

This is a suburb in Chicago and is located about 24 miles west of downtown Chicago. It is referred to as one of the best places to live in Illinois, but more than that, Glen Ellyn is home to the College of DuPage.

It’s one of the most renowned community colleges that offer a variety of programs in multiple fields and disciplines.

While the College of DuPage doesn’t offer dormitory or on-campus living facilities, students can find many apartments and rentals within Glen Ellyn and surrounding neighborhoods.

2. Wheaton 

This is the second-best option after Glen Elley for students that are looking for decent rentals in Chicago.

Wheaton is another suburb in Chicago that offers a great suburban feel and offers numerous amenities that provide comfortable, convenient living. It is also not very far from the College of DuPage, so if you choose to study there, you will find a place to live nearby quite easily.

3. Clarendon Hills

This is a south-western suburb in Chicago and a village in DuPage County that has many renter-friendly communities for students.

It has small communities with great peace, friendly neighbors, and an overall decent living environment for students.

It has a variety of high-end and low-key apartment options that you can find through extensive research. If transport and distance aren’t an issue for you, you will probably find cheaper rentals further down Clarendon Hills.

Clarendon Hills, Chicago

4. Near West Side

This is Chicago’s one of the three major sections with many communities that hold great significance in terms of history and culture. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is also located in the Near West Side area, making it one of the most student-friendly communities in the city.

The university offers many residence halls to students. Where the East Campus consists of four halls, West Campus has three, and the South Campus also has three residence halls.

Looking to live off-campus, in apartments alone, or co-sharing with other students? Consider many neighborhoods on Near West Side.

5. Greektown

This is quite a social and stand-out precinct in Near West Side. There are many apartments for rent in Greektown where they differ in terms of amenities, living conditions, and rentals.

You can apply as a group with other students at the university and split the cost to reduce the financial burden. 

The best part about this area is that it is quite active, happening, and lively, especially at nighttime. So, if you choose to live here, you can have a great time, make new friends and socialize with other people that live here.

Greektown Chicago

6. West Loop

Popularly known as a ‘nightlife hotspot,’ West Loop is an excellent neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. It offers an amazing downtown living experience in the city that you’ll remember forever. This area is so vast that you will manage to find many apartments and rentals that are affordable and student-friendly.

7. Pilsen

Overflowing with exuberant nightlife, music, art, and restaurants, Pilsen is a fantastic neighborhood in the city and has gained great popularity over time as a ‘cool’ neighborhood.

It is situated on the lower west side of the city and comprises a tight-knit community.

It is home to a variety of living options for students, and you are likely to find it to be quite a student-friendly community.

Find a Place to Rent in Chicago, Illinois 

As a student looking for student and renter-friendly college communities, your goal should be to find a place that fits your budget and also offers all the necessary amenities.

Chicago is a beautiful, diverse city. There’s no reason to worry about finding rentals and apartments because it certainly has much to offer.

All you need to do is look online and shortlist the rentals that are closest to your preferred college. You may have to compromise on a few factors such as transport or living conditions; however, it’s not difficult to find a decent place to rent in this city.

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