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A Benefit of Community: Leasing Agent Saves the Day!

This Dwellsy renter chose a large apartment complex that comes with the benefits of a community. The on-site team arranges social events for the residents, makes certain the property is kept in tip top shape, and offers white glove service when a renter finds themselves in a pinch.

When deciding what rental to make home, one consideration that might come into play is the property type. Are you looking for a single family home? Perhaps an apartment with 15 units or less? Maybe a townhome in a complex, with a pool? What about a high rise that has a secure entry area only accessible by residents? Maybe you need pet amenities for your furry friend. Each renter is looking for something different.

Find out how one leasing agent saved the day.

Regan couldn’t wait to visit college friends in Chicago. She made sure she was packed the night before so she could leave right after work. In the morning, she filled up Lani and Louie’s water bowls, put out some extra food, and headed to her office in Indianapolis.

She’s had both cats for almost two years now. Lani keeps Regan on her toes. There isn’t a space in the apartment that Lani hasn’t explored. In fact, the more hidden and conspicuous the spot, the more enticing it is to this little feline. Stealthy and sneaky best describe her personality. Her mission, go where no other has gone before — and find solace by becoming virtually invisible.

community - Lani the cat

For this particular weekend though, cooperation from Lani was what Regan needed — not another covert operation.

After a fantastic Friday dinner with friends in Chicago, Regan woke up with a nagging sensation. She felt unsettled. Something was wrong. The group was headed to Six Flags for the day and she knew she had to figure out what was bugging her.

Scrolling through her Instagram, Regan saw a picture of a cat. That’s when it clicked.

“Oh no! I didn’t check for Lani’s whereabouts before I left. What if she’s in her favorite shoebox, in my closet, with the door closed?”

Regan’s roommate was out of town too, so she had to figure some other lifeline for Lani.

Fortunately, Regan lives at The Whit where an on-site leasing team offers impeccable renter support.

In a panic, she dialed the community office and explained the situation.

“Never fear, my dear. Tayana is here!”

community - leasing agent super hero

(Okay — she didn’t really say that.)

Within the hour, Tayana checked on both Lani and Louie. She found both cats purring in bliss atop Regan’s bed pillows. She texted a picture of the two to Regan.

community - both cats
Lani & Louie

Thanks to Tayana and her commitment to community, Regan was able to enjoy her time at Six Flags, indulged in another great dinner, and got in a scrumptious brunch the next day before heading back home.

community - Regan and friend
Regan (left) and friend dining in Chicago

And that’s how — one leasing agent saved the day!

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