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7 Things to Love About Washington DC

Neveen is a new renter in DC and a huge fan of the city. When we spoke to her, she’d only been in her new apartment for a couple of months, but she’d been out exploring and had a ton to say about her new home.  Here’s her favorites so far.

1. Landmarks

Hard not to move to DC and go check out all it has to offer in terms of national landmarks, and Neveen certainly hasn’t missed out.  In her words, “living in the center of the greatest democracy in the history of the world” is pretty exciting and there’s lots to enjoy.  It would be a shame to leave it to the tourists!

Neveen’s top recommendation when we spoke was Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, which is located right on the Potomac River in Northern Virginia and offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of our first President.  

2. Museums 

Then there’s the Smithsonians…there are 19 museums in the Smithsonian family, and, as the national treasures that they are, they all offer free admission, so it’s easy to see them all as a resident of DC or the greater Washington area.

Of course, being nuts for all things apartment and home, all of us here at Dwellsy are obsessed with the Cooper Hewitt and its incredible collection of architectural drawings and other home and apartment-related artifacts. But, back to Neveen…this is supposed to be all about her Washington!

Smithsonian Washington DC

3. Free events at Universities 

Washington DC has a ton of amazing universities – Georgetown, American University, George Washington and Catholic University, just to name a few.  As Neveen pointed out to us, not only do these schools bring great people to the city from around the country and the world, they also have an immense amount of programming – much of which is open to the public.

For example, Georgetown’s department of government has an extensive lecture series, George Washington (GW to the locals) has guest speakers on many different topics and Catholic University has public events that include concerts, speakers and performances of many kinds.  

4. Public transit

As anyone who’s spent time in DC can confirm, its metro system is one of the best in the world, and Neveen was quick to highlight it as one of her favorite things.  Whether she’s heading into the center of DC from Northern Virginia where she lives or hopping between different destinations across the city, the metro makes for quick, clean and efficient transportation.

5. Unique food 

DC’s global attraction has brought food from around the world to the city, and while the city has food from every national tradition, Neveen particularly appreciates the rich range of Southern restaurants and Ethiopian restaurants.  Southern food can be found pretty anywhere in DC, and for Ethiopian, Silver Spring, Arlington and Columbia Heights/Cardozo/Adams Morgan seem like the best neighborhoods to try.   

6. Weekend destinations

The DC area is no slouch when it comes to weekend getaway options.  From Annapolis, Neveen has rented a boat and gone fishing on the Chesapeake.  In Charlottesville, she has enjoyed wineries, stunning scenery and watching the students go by.  Baltimore is on her list – music and food scenes are supposed to be great, and it’s less than an hour away.  Skiing, the beach, Philly and NYC are all just a few hours away.  

Chesapeake DC
Chesapeake Bay

7. Shaw and the Wharf 

Neveen’s favorite neighborhoods in the DC area are Shaw and the Wharf, so if you’re moving to the area, she says you’d be smart to check them out.  

Shaw is close to the center of DC and is home to amazing beer gardens and great bars at both ground level and on rooftops.  It’s also close to the U Street corridor with all of its amazing restaurants.  

The Wharf sounds like a great destination for more upscale renters.  According to Neveen, they’ve rebuilt a big old fish market into fancy apartments and waterfront restaurants and it makes for a fabulous place to live – and a great destination for a fancy date night! 

We can’t wait to move to Washington DC!  Click here to start your search for a new home.  https://dwellsy.com/blog/category/great-places-to-rent/

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