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7 Things to Love About South Florida

We spent some delightful time connecting with Lisa, who lives in the Delray Beach area of South Florida.  She feels incredibly lucky to live where she lives and had a wonderful array of favorite things to share with the Dwellsy community. Here’s seven things she loves about her hometown.

1. Amazing Community Amenities

South Florida has a lot of apartment complexes and gated communities with amazing amenities, and Lisa’s is no exception.  She’s a lover of the full range of things to do within her community – tennis, pools, bocce ball, gym and more. They even have a restaurant in theirs, which is a first for us here at Dwellsy – haven’t heard of that before! 

Lisa put a special mention in for the team at her community.  She said they are wonderful at organizing all kinds of fun events for the residents.  Sip and paint, card games and fitness classes are some of the best she’s seen.

2. Beaches!

Of course, it’s hard to talk about South Florida without thinking about the stunning beaches, warm water and incredible ocean views.  Lisa’s place is just 12 minutes away from the closest beach, and she and her family are regular visitors. 

For a more serene beach experience that has lifeguards on duty, there’s the Atlantic Dunes Park, a state park located in the middle of Delray Beach.  And elsewhere up and down the coast, there’s a range of other beach options, including the Delray Beach town beach.

South Florida Beaches

3. Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach

The main east-west drag in Delray Beach is Atlantic Avenue, and it’s not just the way to get to the beach, it’s also Lisa’s favorite place to head when she wants to do a little shopping or find a great restaurant.  Plus, there’s a ton of places to live right along Atlantic Ave, and if you pick one of those homes or apartments, you can truly live car free, which is pretty unusual in Florida!

4. Beach Clubs

When you want to step it up and really get fancy on the beach, there’s a range of beach clubs.  Each one has its own personality, character and community, but all offer great added amenities for a beach visit or lifestyle.  

In-house restaurants?  Check. Kids’ clubs? Check.  Equipment rentals? Yep. Swimming pools.  Those too. Fitness facilities, drinks on the beach, towel service, beach chairs, shady spots and more are all available, depending on which club you want to pick.  Some are available by the day and others are members-only for seasonal or year-round residents.  

5. Fishing & Golfing

Lisa was quick to say that they aren’t her thing, but she knows that for many folks, fishing and golfing are THE reasons to live in South Florida.  If fishing is your thing, try your hand offshore for wahoo, blackfin tuna or mahi mahi, visit Florida’s many lakes for bass, bluegill or catfish or head to the reefs to fish for snapper, grouper and mackerel. Just remember to bring your seasickness meds, if Lisa or a few of the Dwellsy team members are with you!

South Florida is the place to be for people who love to golf, the golf is epic – truly epic, with some of the best and most challenging courses in the world, and year round weather for playing.  The PGA National in Palm Beach and the Tiburon in Naples are two that are on the bucket list for the golfers here at Dwellsy.

Golf Courses in South Florida

6. Great Schools

Lisa’s a Mom, so of course, she’s looking out for her kids, and what better way than to make sure that you live in a place with great schools?  There’s great options up and down South Florida, but Lisa was quick to share that Delray Beach has some of the best schools in all of Florida.  

7. South Beach, Miami & Boca 

Delray is a bit of a small town amongst a busy metropolitan area and sometimes, Lisa wants to branch out.  When it’s time for that, two destinations at the top of her list are South Beach and Boca Raton.  

South Beach is of course famous for its remarkable hotels, stunning restaurants and amazing nightlife.  Lit by neon for miles around, the scene there is a ton of fun. And, as long as you’re in Miami, why not take in some of the city’s art scene?  Lisa’s recommendation is that you check out the Wynwood Walls, which feature an ever changing street art exhibit that always makes for a fabulous visit.  

Boca brings a bit of a different speed.  In Lisa’s words, it’s a bit more mature of a scene, where the restaurants and fabulous food are a primary draw.  Mizner Park, in particular, is a recommended destination according to Lisa.  

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Feel like you need a little sun, some great beaches, maybe a drink with an umbrella in it?  Time to move to South Florida!

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