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7 Things to Love About San Jose

Residing in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, San Jose is all about high-tech, uplifting culture, thriving nature, and an abundance of versatile cuisines that attract people from all over the world. Full of surprises, it is the tenth-largest city in the United States and third-largest in the state, and is home to the largest, liveliest ethnic neighborhoods. 

Home to the headquarters of Google, Apple, Facebook, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo, Tesla, Intel, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard, we can safely say that San Jose is thriving with flourishing tech companies and has some impressive industry credentials. Here are 7 other reasons why we love San Jose:

1. Delectable Food

Whether you’re looking for Brazilian, Korean, Indian, or Vietnamese, San Jose has it all. Your options here are never-ending. 

Hidden away in the historic boarding house, La Foret will wow you with its Grand Marnier soufflé. Owned by the Tsigaris Family, Nemea Greek Taverna will appeal to all those to adore Greek food. Looking for pit-smoked barbeque and bourbons? Holly and John Smith at Dry Creek Hill will make you feel at home in the historic Moose Lodge building. Menara Moroccan Restaurant, owned by the Shah Family for four long decades, has been ever famous for its beautiful dining spots and belly dancers. 

The only Michelin restaurant in San Jose, ADEGA provides a taste of the most authentic Portuguese food you might have ever tasted. The desserts here are to die for, quite literally. Chef David Costa will steal your heart with the most impeccable sweets, making your night an experience that you will talk to your friends about for a long time. And of course, the impressive wine list! ADEGA ranks among the 100 best restaurant cellars in USA. 

food in san jose

2. Enchanting Vineyards

If you come to San Jose and forget about the vineyards and wineries, you have missed out on a magical experience. The rich, juicy grapes that look like mini green balloons are only part of the fascination. Many wineries in San Jose possess a rich historical background. That’s why property tours and wine tastings are so popular here!

The two most famous vineries that always manage to wow people are the Testorossa Winery and Tasting Room in Los Gatos and Ridge Vineyards in Cupertino. The former was built in 1888- here, alter wines and fortified wines were made for almost 100 years. The later has a history that dates back to 1885 and relies on nature and tradition rather than technology. The partners here were Stanford Research Institute engineers who harbored common praise for wine.  

3. Tech Geniuses 

Isn’t it fascinating to think that San Jose is the place through which your daily interactions that take place on Google and Facebook cyber-pass through?

While many local tour companies such as Traeger Tours take tourists to several front-door gates of these huge companies, it is rather difficult to gain access inside due to their highly secure, guarded fronts. Nevertheless, there are many stories that one can enjoy during these tours as they learn more about the history and workings of these tech-savvy companies that have dominated the world.

Did you know that the childhood home of Steve Jobs is also located in San Jose? Its garage was where the first Apple computer was built.  

4. Dominated by Nature

We don’t want to side-line the whooping amount of greenery present in San Jose by just focusing on its tech-companies. In fact, San Jose is known as one of the healthiest cities in the United States of America.

Containing a network of 60 miles of trails and 285 miles of on-street bikeways, San Jose provides the perfect balance between places of leisure and work, making it the master of green commuting. Did you know that trees have the power to destress? Imagine cycling to work each day with so much nature around- aren’t your stress levels expected to drop?

Providing a bunch of outdoor nature-related activities, you will find the Municipal Rose Garden with 4000 rose shrubs of 189 varieties, the Castle Rock State Park with towering redwood and fire trees and providing horseback riding and rock climbing within its grounds, the Historic Orchard with more than 200 fruit trees, and Kelly Park that houses an enchanting butterfly garden alongside Japanese friendship gardens. Moving to San Jose will be a life-changer for you. 

5. Creativity and Art

The best thing about San Jose is that intelligence, innovation, and creativity is welcomed and appreciated more than anything else. There are no rules or obligations that you have follow; you can be unapologetically yourself. 

You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the approximately 2,500 modern and contemporary art pieces at the San Jose Museum of Art. If you’re looking for some challenging and eye-opening pieces that will shake you to your very core, pay a visit to the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. For a different take on art, visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium. Here you’ll find the biggest collection of Egyptian artifacts that will throw you back into the past. 

san jose museum of art

6. Easy Access

One of the main factors that play an essential role when moving to a city is how liveable it is. Can you get aroun quickly? What is the transport system like? 

San Jose is the answer to all your worries. You’ll find a walkable downtown, superior public transportation system here alongside a flourishing network of bike lanes and suitable transit connectivity. While protecting green space from urban development is a crucial problem all over the US, you’ll find a great balance of urban and regional parks within San Jose.

7. The Airport 

We could leave you without boasting about San Jose’s airport, the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is, without a doubt, looked at as the best airport in the West.

To answer all your concerns- it is accessible to the major Bay Area freeways, and it has lots of flights to other West Coast cities that you can hop on any day of the week. The most unique thing about SJC is its public art; you’ll find a multitude of original artwork displays here that display a subtle blend of technology and art. 

Experience San Jose Yourself and Fall in Love 

Are you looking for a place to move? San Jose’s vibrant culture and fast-paced life will help you find the perfect balance between work and play. With the most affordable housing and rental rates in the Bay, you’ll find yourself experiencing a new kind of happiness here.

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