If you believe in love at first sight, Pittsburgh is the place for you. The second-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is well-known for its modern growth industries, aspiring education, and rather electrifying cultural attractions. Deeply devoted to its past, the city’s history is rooted in deep blue-collar values- a reminder that will follow you everywhere you go. 

The richness, great food, gorgeous architecture, and wonderful people are just some of the few things that make this place so special for residents, as well as tourists. It is a city you will never want to leave even if you were paid a million dollars to. Mesmerizing in every single aspect, let us walk you through the reasons why we left our heart in Pittsburgh:

1. Affordability Factor

Alongside being one of the topmost livable cities in the US, Pittsburgh has a surprisingly cheap housing market. This makes it perfect for students, residents, and travelers. Access to green space, reliable healthcare, arts and culture, and beautiful architecture makes it a comfortable place for people to call home.  

2. The Friendliest People

Anyone you ask will go on and on about how Pittsburghers are the kindest, sweetest, and the friendliest people. In a world where racism is rampant, Pittsburgh will feel on another planet. 

It is not uncommon to find yourself exchanging greetings and then numbers with the person next to you in a grocery line on a busy Monday morning. Pittsburgh is overflowing with love and peace, and its people are the best reflections. 

3. Kennywood Park

You might have heard of Pittsburgh’s most treasured landmark that is too magical to even describe. The advent of summer in Pittsburgh is marked people excitedly repeating “Kennywood’s open!” again and again till your curiosity gets the better of you. 

An amusement park that caters to every individual interest, you will find different rides and entertainment here from rollercoasters, to water rides, to haunted houses- it is the perfect place for some family outing!

Kennywood Park is so versatile that you can also just go to the park several times a week to just enjoy the wholesome funnel cakes or delicious potato patch fries. 

kennywood pittsburgh

4. Hollywood Hotspot

We don’t want to go crazy but did you know that your favorite movies including “Adventureland”, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, and “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” have all been shot at Pittsburgh.

A literal hub for the best movies ever, it doesn’t stop there. Pittsburg is home to famous Hollywood actors like Gillian Jacobs, the star of Community and the Netflix series Love; Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike and Magic Mike 2 and…we’re not yet finished-Michael Keaton, Gene Kelly, and Jeff Goldblum. 

In fact, the city is so deeply invested in film that for the past 30 years, it has consistently hosted the Three Rivers Film Festival- the biggest and oldest festival in the neighborhood. 

5. The Exquisite Art 

Home to the largest museum in the US, Andy Warhol Museum is dedicated to one artist alone. Not just that- you know the world’s first museum of modern art? That too resides in Pittsburgh. Educational in every way, Pittsburgh allows you to take your kids to the “Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh” where they can learn valuable skills such as seeding and composting. 

A center for performing art, you will find venues like Heinz Hall and Benedeium Center at Pittsburgh. You can enjoy the beautiful orchestra or grand opera depending on what appeals to you more. 

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is a place that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lives, even if they are not ballet fans. The breathtaking performances might just make you fall in love with ballet. A creative nucleus for all types of art, Pittsburgh is open to all.

6. The Grand Festivals

Pittsburgh Strip District, located south of the Allegheny River, is raved about for its local festivals- Strip District Music Fest and Strip District World Festival. The former is a relatively newer event that, like the whole of Pittsburgh, hosts a variety of bands and features art vendors of all ages. 

The Strip District World Festival, on the other hand, attracts people from around the globe for its beautiful composition of music, food, games, and entertainment. Anyone visiting Pittsburgh cannot afford to miss out on these two festivals!

7. The Rich Food

We couldn’t skip out on Pittsburgh amazing food scene that is hard not to fall in love with. Having so many options to choose from, Pittsburg is famous for its thriving restaurant scene. 

Best known for spots like Primanti Bros and Pamela’s Diner, Pittsburgh food has started to gain national attention. Did you know Pittsburghians were the ones to come up with French fries on sandwiches rather than on the side? The concept is actually deeply rooted in history, having come from the steelworkers who were so tight on their breaks that they could not fathom the idea of having to eat both, a sandwich and fries. 

Ready for Pittsburgh?

While you could travel to any place within the US, it is highly unlikely that you will find a place as beautiful as Pittsburgh with its fierce commitment to history and identity, its ever-growing population, and the most beautiful skyline- an image that you will take to your grave. 

There are just so many reasons to fall in love with Pittsburgh that you have to experience it yourself. Be it the outdoor activities, personal connections, or just the artistic vibe of the city, Pittsburgh caters to everyone’s interests. 

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